Rabbit Animal Spirit Guide Meaning

If the Rabbit appears, take this guidance:

This is an important time for you to be very creative in every action, thought and emotion and because of this, opportunities will be brought to you and the rabbit urges you to take advantage of them very quickly! Everyday the Universe gives us opportunities to act upon, start looking for these daily opportunities with the Rabbit to increase your awareness around this! And then, watch how this impacts your business when you start to look for abundance rather than lack.

Be very aware this week for anything threatening shows up, and if it does to act very swiftly in leaving that situation. Remember, Rabbits are a prey animal so they are always on alert and do their best to be aware of their surroundings to keep quick on their feet. If anything threatening does appear, ask for the Rabbit’s guidance on how and what you should be doing.

It could be a great time for you to try a vegetarian diet for the next couple of days. This is a great time to give your body a rest of its regular diet and you should also take note on how it is making you feel. Good or bad! Keep a daily journal on this journey and see how eating different energies has an impact on your energies towards your business.

Rabbits are known to hop around as its their main way of getting around, so do not be surprised if you start to see things in your life starting to take leaps and bounds. This is also an invitation for you to give yourself permission to start taking leaps and bounds instead of baby steps that you may be taking with your business. The Universe loves bold movements, where are you willing to be bold today and the rest of the week with the Rabbit?

Rabbits know when it is time to stay still and blend into their environment for survival and then burst out of nowhere to their destination. So take this into consideration if you feel like you are getting nowhere with a certain project, sometimes it is best to sit back and prepare yourself before making the next move in a big way! This also gives you the opportunity to look for the abundance in your life while being still for a moment.

It is a time for you to express your love freely and loud to those that are closest to you. This could be that your business and the community you have created within your business needs some extra lovings! Have you recently done a Freebie or a contest? People love this kind of stuff and it could be the very thing you need to do to get your business moving again!

Rabbit Animal Spirit Guide Meaning