Seagull Animal Spirit Guide Meaning

If the Seagull appears, take this guidance:

You are about to be opening communications to the Nature spirits, particularly fairies and water sprites, if you allow it in. For those of you that are wanting to allow this into your life to help you with your business, meditate with the Seagull to see the best ways for you to allow this in. By doing this you will be letting in a new energy of magic into your life, one which will enhance all degrees of your life.

It is a great week for you to clean your house, workspace, car, and yard. Make sure to be letting go of things that you no longer use as they are just taking up space and cluttering up your energy fields and recycle as much as you can! By doing this, you will be able to allow a new energy to come into your field and serve you on a higher degree. While you do this, ask for the Seagull to be with you to complete the cleaning and help you set aligned intentions of what new energy you want to come into your space.

It is an amazing time for you to clear up any unresolved issues with something due to poor communication on both ends. This links to the point above. Just like clearing out old material objects that no longer serve you, it is also time for you to clear up any unresolved issues. You may not know, but by clearing these issues out will help you create even more space to allow the Universe to step in and support you on a different level. This will also make you feel lighter, so you can have more energy to work on new tasks you want to tackle.

Take note of the people that you surround yourself with, especially pay attention to the nonverbal cues and voice tones, and trust what your intuition is telling you. For those that are setting up discovery calls this week, listen to your intuition and see if you and this potential client are a good fit. When you honour your intuition no matter what it says you will be rewarded! For those of you that are having a hard time honouring your intuition if it tells you not to work with this potential client, you will want to talk to your coach of why this is popping up for you. Could be a distrust in the Universe, you are in a scarcity mindset, etc.

If you are near a lake, a sea, an ocean, or any body of water it will be in your best interest to meditate there so you can hear the sounds of the waters flowing by and the wind or no wind to guide your pulse. See how much speed you are carrying with yourself afterwards! You may want to set the intention of what speed you are wanting to create in your life, and ask questions like how the current speed you are at is serving you and how to shift into a new speed.

Seagull Animal Spirit Guide Meaning