If the Seal appears, take this guidance:

Have a journal on hand at all times, as you may receive divine downloads that you do not want to forget, because they may be lush and ingenious downloads! There are also times when you will receive a divine download that does not make sense to you right away. This could be because it is a piece of a bigger divine download that can only come to you piece by piece. Another reason this can happen is because it is telling you something about your future. When you write down your divine downloads you are honouring your divine downloads and allowing yourself to see themes and patterns appear so you can take action quicker with ease and grace. Also, as a bonus when you honour your divine downloads you will receive more divine downloads!

It is a time for you to be mindful of any dreams that are clear and powerful, as they may be giving you messages from your subconscious. The Seal can invite more dreams into your life and it would be best for you to journal any dreams that you remember right away in the morning! Do not wait to do this because the more awake you become the dreams can start to disappear in your mind. If any dreams do not make any sense, you can always request that the Seal's energies to come into your dreams to make your dreams so crystal clear that you will remember everything and understand everything in the morning. 

You are now stepping into an abundant and fruitful time, and stepping out of pain and discomfort. Make sure to focus on what you are stepping into. We are condition to focus on the negative more so than the positive. The Seal wants you to start changing that for yourself because what you focus on becomes your intention to how the Universe will provide for you. Start to increase your awareness around what you are focusing on and create the habit to focus on the positive. By entering a new era of your life you may go through an emotional time. During these intense emotions you will feel grounded and comfortable due to the abundant and fruitful new era! If you start to become ungrounded and uncomfortable you can call the Seal into your life to help you ground and feel comfortable in your new comfort zone.

The Seal is here to remind you to follow your intuition and body messages, such as to only eat when you are hungry, sleep when you are tired and exercise when you feel the call to do so. When you start to work on your awareness around your thoughts, it will naturally help you increase your awareness to your activities throughout the day that do not serve you and your highest good and purpose. You can meditate with the Seal to set your intention to increase your awareness to when and when you are not doing things that serve you and your highest good and purpose so you can refocus on the things that do serve you and your highest good and purpose.