Skunk Animal Spirit Guide Meaning

If the Skunk appears, take this guidance:

Today is a great day for you really own your truth and don’t let anyone tell you different! Stand your ground when you are speaking your truth and don’t allow yourself to be manipulated or pushed around for it.

During your interactions with anyone today, make sure to make your self respect a priority and offer this to others.

If you are talking yourself too seriously and you need to unwind, connect with your inner child, play, and learn to trust the universe has your back!

If you have noticed a certain person has been bothering you a lot recently, today is the day for you to talk to them directly about it with honesty.

Your sexual energies are heightened and it is the time to explore the uses of natural scents and essential oils. 

Best times to ask for the Skunk's assistance:

You need clarity on how to express yourself without getting angry about it.

You are lacking in the self-esteem and self-respect departments.

You feel disconnected from your source of purpose and happiness.

You need to build up your courage to confront a situation you are not comfortable with and you want to be calm during the process and not let your anger get the best of you.
You need to understand how to trust yourself and who you should be trusting.

Skunk Animal Spirit Guide Meaning