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If the Snake appears, take this guidance:

🐍 You are about to embark on some major personal changes which will can be so intense and powerful that a part of your will symbolically die so you can give birth to your new self.

🐍 Also during that time, you may have a surprising physical and/or emotional healing soon, which will come from an unanticipated source. Be open and do not put any exceptions, so the energy can come through naturally.

🐍 A long lasting issue will need your undivided attention to be resolved by having a new perspective of your life.

🐍 The snake is known as the animal for awakening your kundalini energy, so it would be in your best interest to invest in kundalini yoga classes.

🐍 When you are “reborn” you will have a new presence of energy that will increase your senses, your mental skills and bring in a new awareness that is essential for your growth.

Boa Constrictor Guidance:

🐍 Remove yourself from any situation or anyone that is stunting your growth.