You are about to embark on some major personal changes which will can be so intense and powerful that a part of your will symbolically die so you can give birth to your new self. This can be the very thing that needs to happen to allow your soul purpose to grow and evolve alongside you. During this time, it would be great for you to hire an aligned soul coach to help you move though these energies and changes with ease and grace, instead of pain and doubt.

Also during that time, you may have a surprising physical and/or emotional healing soon, which will come from an unanticipated source. Be open and do not put any exceptions, so the energy can come through naturally. Remember that when you grow and evolve that your soul’s purpose needs to do the same thing so it can support you on the new level. Make sure that you are taking care of both.

A long lasting issue will need your undivided attention to be resolved by having a new perspective of your life. It is time for you to look it in the eye so you can move on to bigger and better things. This long lasting issue is no longer serving you and you need to replace it with a supporting belief so you can align more with your soul’s purpose.

The snake is known as the animal for awakening your kundalini energy, so it would be in your best interest to invest in kundalini yoga classes. This will help unlock more of your potential to own and align to your soul’s purpose. You can ask for the snake to be with you during these classes.

When you are “reborn” you will have a new presence of energy that will increase your senses, your mental skills and bring in a new awareness that is essential for your growth. It would be great for you to journal about these things, to honour your new self and see how you can start stepping into your soul’s purpose with this new energy.


Boa Constrictor Guidance:

Remove yourself from any situation or anyone that is stunting your growth. This will be huge for your soul’s purpose! When you release things that are no longer serving you and your highest purpose, you create space around you that you can choose what to do with! Why not use it with your soul’s purpose!