Stingray Animal Spirit Guide Meaning

If the Stingray appears, take this guidance:

When presented with a water creature, it is a good reminder to remember that water has been linked with the Soul many times. Many people believe that business has no soul, but in fact it does. It is up to you to understand your business’s soul and you can ask for the stingray to help. The Stingray is a winner because it has an elegance in the water even with its odd structure. When you learn to do the same, you will be a winner!

Going further with the point above, the Stingray is amazing at having a great sense of direction. So in business this can look like a new business model, client care responses, new direction with your purpose, helping you lead you to the road of your purpose, and much, much more! The Stingray will help you find a way especially when you have anxiety over a situation and you are confused what your next move should be.

The Stingray will also help you move with more fluidity and grace to new endeavours. We can be very cute and stubborn when it comes to change, which creates resistance and a disharmony to the Universe. If you truly are wanting to make a new change in direction with your business the Stingray helps you enjoy the path you have chosen.

The Stingray teaches you to be more aware of your reactions because when you react to something, that is an indication that there is some healing that needs to take place. It is only when you can be aware of your emotions and reactions that you can decide and choose when it is in your best interest to step forward and backward.

An add on to the previous Medicine of the Stingray, it is important to know when to speak your truth and when not to speak your truth. The Stingray will show you the times when it is necessary for you to announce your passions and purpose. Also it is best to use your energies where it will serve you, your higher purpose and your business.

There is no need of judgement if you do find yourself defending yourself and values. This is a time to be more aware of where you need to be in control of your emotions around the soul of your business. Overtime you will be able to have the wisdom of when and how to react to unpleasant situations.

Stingray Animal Spirit Guide Meaning