Swallow Animal Spirit Guide Meaning

If the Swallow appears, take this guidance:

You have been getting yourself caught up in the mundane aspects of life and you need to take a step back and gain a new perspective. Give yourself time to mediate with the Swallow and ask to be flown above the mundane aspects of your life to see it differently. This will give you insight you may be needing. The Swallow will bring some new creative and unusual solutions to familiar problems for you, if you allow it.

With the Swallow around, it means that your home is well protected from pests and intruders.

Any old habits or wounds you have been noticing have been reappearing in your life need to be let go. This can be done through meditation or a soul coach. Of course, when you allow these old habits to be removed, you are giving yourself permission to level up. This also allows your purpose to level up at the same time!

With the pesky people in your life, you need to sit down with yourself and see if they are still serving you on your highest good or if you should let them go, so someone else can fill that space and provide for you better.

You may experience a bit of a rough patch in your life, which you can handle with ease, before you have a surprising period of gain and abundance. Be open to it. Remember the Universe would never give you anything that you cannot handle and with the Swallow beside you, you can ask for this rough patch to be done with love, grace, and ease.

Taking a trip back home to where you grew up will be an advantage to your spiritual journey. It will allow you to see how much your grown and how much more you can continue to grow!

Swallow Animal Spirit Guide Meaning