If the Toucan appears, take this guidance:

It is time for you to stretch out of your comfort zone! This can be done in many different ways, and ultimately it is up to you on how many you want to partake in. The Toucan mainly focuses on communication. Look for classes or workshops in acting, speaking gigs, speaking groups, debate groups, improvisational theatre, etc! Gravitate to whichever you feel a pull towards. All of these examples will help you strengthen your throat chakra and be confident in speaking your truth, which will help you in all areas of your life, such as purpose, business/career, relationships (personal and professional), wealth and health!

During the time the Toucan is with you, it is important to know to have the courage to speak up. It may be unfamiliar with you and that is okay. Start off with small to medium daily goals of speaking up. When you speak up you can be speaking your truth, raising the volume of your voice, and letting your emotions, thoughts and opinions be known. When you do something like this, it is great to reward yourself even if it is taking a bath later that day! Celebrate yourself for speaking up is as it will feel good inside of your body, which will just promote yourself to speak up more. 

Continuing with the theme of communication, it is also important to be aware of your communication styles. Such as the words you use, how you hold your body, how loud/quiet you are speaking, and how others are taking in this communication. The Toucan is a great teacher when you want/need to learn what is effective and ineffective in your communications with others and yourself. This is a time of trial and error so you can get your communication styles excellent. If your awareness is not high around this, it is okay! You can simply ask a friend to watch you when you speak and to give you pointers of what worked and didn’t work. This will help your communication and awareness to grow!

Something that will be a huge impact in your life is to do daily chanting or toning. You can do this by either finding a chanting challenge online or just chanting along to a YouTube video. Either way, make sure to ask for the Toucan to be with you during this time. This will not only help strengthen your throat chakra but also promotes relaxation, which helps us with our physical bodies. Also when you chant you will see an increase in your intuition which will allow the Universe to come into your life more and give you more divine downloads on the regular.

If you have been holding back on expressing feelings towards someone, the Toucan urges you to express them. There is a negative impact on our energies when we hold onto something. We are meant to be continuous, flowing energy and when we hold onto something that is when we can create blockages and energy leaks. Expressing your feelings towards someone can look like, love, anger, sadness, forgiving, and much more. You could even be expressing your feelings for a promotion in the job you have or if you feel like someone should be your client and they haven’t shown up completely yet. Meditate with the Toucan and see which one stands out to you most! The Toucan will point you in the right direction if you are feeling lost.