Unicorn Animal Spirit Guide Meaning

If the Unicorn appears, take this guidance:

With the Unicorns energies in your life now, it is important for you to take action on whatever creative project you have been ignoring lately. Many people suffer from not being able to finish goals, tasks, or projects they assigned to themselves. Work with the Unicorn and see why you have a difficult time finishing projects so that you can get rid of this habit and bring in a new habit of completing projects you put in front of yourself. Now, if you have had a creative project started a long time ago, it would be in your best interest to meditate with the Unicorn and see if this project still serves you if you were to complete it! If not, give yourself permission to let it go to bring in a creative project that will light you up so much it will be super easy for you to complete. 

For the next little while, you will be visited by Nature spirits and the elemental kingdom, such as fairies and sprites. Be open to receiving any wisdom they want to share with you. The Unicorn tends to bring this energy into people’s lives with ease! So if you have been wanting to connect with these energy, spending time with the Unicorn will be in your best interest.

The Unicorn’s Medicine reminds you to relax and allow yourself to experience fun and playful energies that you may have forgotten to give yourself recently. When many of us enter our adult lives we are to belief that fun and playful energies are for children only and that is completely wrong! We all still have an inner child that wants to come out and play, it is just beneficial to do this in a way that benefits you and your highest self and purpose. See what you used to do as a kid that brought you happiness and see how you can bring that back into your life now. Also, while you are having fun you may receive more divine downloads which is completely natural when you are in the state of awe and wonder! Which is a natural state for a child to be in.

Be aware of any children that will be around you during this time, as they will surprise you with the wisdom they already have at their age, creative abilities, and unusual talents, which could help you learn a new perspective. By choosing to be in the state of awe and wonder and then if you can surround yourself with it will help bring in the Unicorns energies into your life with more grace and ease. 

The Unicorn brings in a new sense of owning one’s power! Use it wisely and you will be able to reap the benefits of owning your power. Many of us will give others our power without even realizing it. Use the Unicorn to request all of your power to return to you in a nanosecond knowing you can handle your power all at once and all the time. If you are scared of your power, you are not the only one and it would serve you and your highest good and purpose to meditate with the Unicorn to remove these limiting belief systems and replace them with the truth.

Unicorn Animal Spirit Guide Meaning