If the Wolf appears, take this guidance:

Belief systems that no longer serving your higher good are being removed from your consciousness. This can be a tough one for you to accept, as you may believe it is too good to be true or you are extremely attached to them. Give yourself permission to release the old and bring in the new. This could look like releasing old money mindsets, partnerships, the belief that your purpose can not bring in money, and much more.

If you find yourself being very competitive, look yourself in the eye and decide to make a change to be more cooperative. When you allow your competitive side get the better of you, you can start to tunnel vision and lose focus on many other important tasks, goals and projects. So instead of going down that path, look and see why you feel the need to be competitive and see where your soul is actually wanting you to grow. “Who taught you this way of being?” This could be a limiting belief system that needs to go!

It is a good plan to open up your receiving muscles this week, as you may gain valuable insights, ideas, and new teachings! Be mindful of your awareness and what you are paying attention to. As we know that whatever you are paying attention to becomes your intention and then energy will follow through your intention. See if there is any mindsets you need to change before receiving something you would rather not receive. 😉

The wolf is also showing up for you to remind you to stay true to yourself and trust in your intuition. Even if you feel like others around you are judging you or don’t understand who you are as a person. This is extremely essential for your business to thrive. People can feel if you are being authentic with yourself, your business and them (if they know it or not). If you are not being true to yourself then your business or anyone will have a hard time being true to you.

The wolf is spiritually and physically protecting you this week. During this week see what belief systems you need to let go off and the do just that. Release them. After that start to see what new belief systems can replace them to serve your higher good! Then, knowing you are safe you can go and make a bold movement of showing up as your authentic self, knowing the Universe will catch you. If you want to challenge yourself and your business further you can request for a client to show up within this week!