Wolf Animal Spirit Guide Meaning

If the Wolf appears, take this guidance:

Belief systems that no longer serve your higher good are being removed from your consciousness. You can allow this to be easy or difficult. You can set an intention in the morning for it to be with ease. For example, “I ask for the Wolf’s Medicine to remove limited beliefs that no longer serve my highest good to be replaced with supporting belief systems that serve my highest good!” Each time you say this, take a deep breathe in so it can be activated in your body. You may also wish to say this out loud three times as the number three will very powerfully enhance this intention and ground it further into your body. One last thing you may way to say at the very end is, “And so it is!” It further roots this intention into you and the Universe. 

If you find yourself being very competitive, look yourself in the eye and decide to make a change to be more cooperative. This can be very hard to see at times, you could ask someone who you trust to let you know where you are being competitive. You can also ask for the Universe to amp up your own awareness around this situation. When you meditate with the Wolf, you can ask questions about this and see what the Wolf has to offer for you and what is the best way for you to be cooperative. You may want to go into research mode and see how Wolves truly interact with each other because there is a lot of misconceptions out there about how Wolf packs actually work.

It is a good plan to open up your receiving muscles while the Wolf is with you, as you may gain valuable insights, ideas, and new teachings! Wisdom is something that you can not put a price on and it is so important to receive so you can share your wisdom with others, not that they will or have to take your wisdom, but you are doing your part as a contribution to the world which is important! I find that divine downloads come when you are doing something extremely mundane such as doing the dishes or laundry because you are not forcing the wisdom to show up a particular way! It still may come through meditation with the Wolf, but be open to it coming in the most natural way for it to show up for you.

The Wolf may be showing up for you to remind yourself to stay true to you and trust in your intuition, even if you feel like others around you are judging you or don’t understand who you are as a person. This can be very hard, as there is a huge collective belief system that we are meant to be cookie cutter shaped people, when in fact there is no one the same and each person has a beautiful message to share to the world. It is up to you to let go of this belief system and just be in peace knowing you being you is the best thing for you and this Universe. It is important to have balance during this time as well and you can ask for the Wolf to show you the best way for you to be you, just make sure this advice is coming from the Wolf and not your ego.

The Wolf is spiritually and physically protecting you at all times. It can be scary to be yourself and let go of limiting beliefs if you believe no one has you back. This might be the first limiting belief that you need to let go with the Wolf’s Medicine. It could be an extremely rooted pattern in your subconscious and it could be in your best interest to hire a mentor to help you move past this so you can bring in the universal truth about your soul!

Wolf Animal Spirit Guide Meaning