Work With Me


I’m ecstatic that you landed on this page! I believe things happen for a reason, ie. you reading this page and being here on planet Earth. By clicking on this page, I am guessing that you are ready to make your purpose a priority in your life to allow your purpose to go to the next level!

When I work with people who are ready to own their Spiritual Leadership, I am literally the cow that jumps over the moon! That’s how excited I get. It gives me great delight and honour to deliver highly aligned services to spiritual beings who are passionate about moving into their Spiritual Leadership to expand their purpose.

I am always grateful to empower and support spiritually awakened, highly driven, mature beings to step into their Spiritual Leadership. These beings have desires to create more purpose in their life that will allow them to create more alignment in all aspects of their life. For those of you who have these qualities inside of yourself, I am inviting you to work with me so we can manifest the next chapter of your divine path collectively.


Group Programs


There are group programs and retreats you can choose from, where you will receive great divine guidance and wisdom. Each group is created with the intention to serve you to my best abilities so you can have an exciting transformation! Click here to learn more!


Coaching Packages


If you are anything like me, you will want to have a close relationship with a deeper connection, where you will receive immense divine guidance and support. I offer three different ways to work 1:1 with me! Two coaching packages are very self-explanatory and the third is custom designed to serve you by learning more and having a deeper understanding of your purpose which will allow you to create aligned programs, courses, and offerings for your community. These custom coaching packages are designed for goddesses and queens to own their power and step into their Spiritual Leadership, which will increase their abundance in all areas of their life. Start taking action now by filling out your application to work with me, so I can learn about your desires, what you are struggling with and how I can the best service for you to achieve it and past that! Click here to learn more!