Advancing Your Soul’s Direction

This program is perfect for you if:

- You are fed up with your life currently and looking to start making those changes

- You know what your life purpose is but are having a hard time bringing into full light

- You want to see where you are leaking energy and be able to control your energies and apply them where they would serve you on a higher level.

- You are ready to bring in more abundance in every way, such as your love life, social life, bank account, business, etc!

- Become aware of what your personal frequency is and raise it above 1,000,000 and keep it there! After that we can work on bringing up another frequency for you like your body, bank account or career!


What is involved:

- 6 Akashic Soul Record Sessions (Valued at $2400)

Two hour kick off call (Value $1500)

- We sit down and really map out what you want to happen in  the next 12 months, such as income and business goals, and start you off with a bang to get off with a head start! 

- Distant Soul Network Day: 5 hours with me on the phone (Valued you at $5000):

- First we start with where you are currently at and what your intentions are for the day and what lies ahead of you. 

"I saw Animal Medicine Woman™ on Instagram and knew Akashic Record work was the next step in my journey.  Animal Medicine Woman™ handled my readings with respect, gentleness, professionalism and a willingness to go deeper when needed. The information she was able to gather was enlightening and useful, and when we worked on releasing that which no longer serves me, I felt energetically lighter. I spoke with her over three sessions, in fact, to deal with some very specific issues. She gave me homework which I’ve worked on, because in this life we are responsible for taking action toward our own healing but always with the help of our guides. Working with her has definitely helped me release old stuff and move forward. If you’ve never experienced an Akashic Reading, I highly recommend it. If you’re unsure, then follow her on Instagram where she is very generous with the information she shares and I know you’ll see the value she can provide you"
Melody Jones


Unlimited e-coaching questions via Voxer and Animal Medicine Woman™ will respond to all of your questions every Thursday (Valued at $5,000)

- 1 Journal (Valued at $25)

- With these journals, Animal Medicine Woman™ will tell you how to use them efficently so that you can start manifesting like never before!

- Journalling is an amazing way to start seeing changes in your life and set out new goals for yourself. The power of writing is unbelievable. Not that everything you write is written in stone, but since you have given yourself time to write, you are showing the universe that you are ready to start making actions in your life! Animal Medicine Woman™ will be able to give you the advise on what to write in your journal so you can get the full experience with it!

This program's container is for 6 months where we will be able to dig deeper and truly allow your purpose to step forward and make a difference in your life! Your life is meant to be more than this, are you ready to take up the space necessary to bring all of you into the light? With this coaching package you will experience the shifts that you have only dreamt of until now!

Value of this package is: $13,925

Advancing Your Soul’s Direction $1000 OFF

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One Time Payment

9 Monthly Payments of $797 USD

Please be advised that all sessions are over the phone. If the phone does not work for you there are other ways of communicating with Animal Medicine Woman™.



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