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Rediscover Your Soul’s Significance

3 55 minute Akashic Soul Record Readings with Cutting Edge Insight like no other. (Valued at $1200)

- Has not knowing your soul’s purpose been bothering you?

- Have you wondered off your divine life path and trying to find your way back?

- Are you needing more clarity on achieving this?

- Is it time you deliver the results in retrieving your souls knowledge to allow your soul’s light to shine?

If you been feeling not worthy enough to know your soul’s wisdom, I am here to tell you that you are more than worthy and help you get back on your divine life path! This is possible for you to achieve, while bringing in more abundance and wisdom from the universe into your daily life. Though this will not happen if you do not take the necessary steps your soul is craving for you to take! Allow yourself to know you brought yourself to this page for a reason.

It is part of our soul’s journey to find our soul’s purpose on this planet. So I created this package for you to guide you back to your divine life path. This package is perfect for you:

- If you do not know where to begin but do not know where to go for it

- If you are ready to realign yourself back with your purpose to be happy with your life because you are filling up that passion that is inside of you!

- If you are wanting to bring the pep back in your step without anxiety and depression around the corner.

- Ready to remove the skin you are wearing and really show up the way you truly are

- Become aware of what your personal frequency is and raise it above 1,000,000 and keep it there!

You will receive THREE 1:1 Akashic Soul Record Readings with me to be used within 4 months where you can focus on bringing your soul’s potential into light with the tools to continue!

"Animal Medicine Woman™ will blow your mind. She will tune in to deep truths that are ripe to pop up and be revealed to you. In our appointments, we discussed very profound insights that still meander their way through my mind as very helpful sign posts guiding how I chose to create my life. I am very grateful for all the healing Animal Medicine Woman™ facilitated for me. I am also truly inspired by her authenticity and flare. Truly an honour to have gotten to know her and see her share her gifts."
Julie Archambault

Value of this package is: $1200

Rediscover Your Soul’s Significance

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4 Monthly Payments of $275

By the end of the package you will experience abundance in all forms, have the tools necessary to continue on and know how to use them with efficiency and ease.

Please be advised that all sessions are over the phone. If the phone does not work for you there are other ways of communicating with Animal Medicine Woman™.



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