The Elevation Project

This program is perfect for you if:

- You are wanting to be thriving on all levels in your life, such as direction of purpose, social life, love life, your connection to your talents, bank account, and business/career.

- If you know in your bones you can not wait any longer for the support you need, so you can create the life you want.

- Know you have a strong intuition and would like to work further on developing in your personal and professional life decisions, which allows your spiritual side to rock out!

What you are investing in:

- Eighteen 55 Minute Akashic Soul Record Sessions (Value $7200)

Two hour kick off call (Value $1500)

- We sit down and really map out what you want to happen in  the next 12 months, such as income and business goals, and start you off with a bang to get off with a head start! 

Two Distant Soul Mentor Ship Days (Valued at $10,000)

- Each call will consist of revealing one of your Power Spirit Leaders. This is the most powerful way to connect with your Power Spirit Leaders, who will unlock hidden jackpots, give you the insight that you need when you need a quick answer, and show you the most aligned path your soul knows. You will receive a detailed PDF of why they are here with you, how to use their magic and how to best use your strengthens and weaknesses with them! As well, learn how you are meant to best handle your life, business, love life, social life, money, etc in the most efficient way!

Welcome to participate any group or digital programs you have not be involved with (Valued at $8,000)

"Animal Medicine Woman™ will blow your mind. She will tune in to deep truths that are ripe to pop up and be revealed to you. In our appointments, we discussed very profound insights that still meander their way through my mind as very helpful sign posts guiding how I chose to create my life. I am very grateful for all the healing Animal Medicine Woman™ facilitated for me. I am also truly inspired by her authenticity and flare. Truly an honour to have gotten to know her and see her share her gifts."
Julie Archambault


PLUS Unlimited e-coaching via Voxer (Valued at $10,000)

PLUS Unlimited review (Valued at $10,000)

PLUS Weekly Energy to increase your Personal, Business, Money, & Body Frequencies (Valued at $5,000)

AND Many Other Bonuses Sprinkled Towards You! (Priceless)

"Animal Medicine Woman™ definitely has a gift. I was a bit sceptical at first as I didn't really consider myself a spiritual person, but Animal Medicine Woman™ made things very clear and easy for someone who is not as in-touch with their spiritual side! She has upmost concern for her clients' respect and privacy during her sessions, always asking permission to access one's records before just diving-in. Little things like having that respect for privacy, goes very far to making someone feel comfortable during her sessions! She is very keen on getting to the deep root of the problem, and she has the ability to see past events (one may not even realize are still bothering them) and bring them to light, and give you REAL advice on how to get out of toxic habits and create ones that will help you make your life the best it can be; that is, if you as the client are ready to do so! Animal Medicine Woman™ has helped me with so much over the past few months during regular sessions, notably my issue with people-pleasing! I am living a life now that I wouldn't have let myself, just a year ago! I am happier, healthier, way more mentally and physically active, and not afraid to take chances! (For fun, of course!) I would definitely recommend Animal Medicine Woman™ services to anyone!"
Davin Strachan

Value of this package is: $51,700

The Elevation Project

Regular price $19,997.00 USD Sale

One Time Investment of $19,997 with a bonus half day virtual day with me valued at $5000!

12 Monthly Payments of $1697 USD

"Inspiration is a key word I would use to describe Animal Medicine Woman™ and the soul work that she does. With confidence and ease she is able to take me into a higher understanding of my own inner knowledge. A truly gifted Akashic Recorders Reader and Spiritual Adviser she has endless opportunities as to how high she can go. I personally admire her and always wish the best for her when moving into the future. I truly treasure our sessions together and look forward to more in the future. Much Love Xx"
Emma Thomas

By the end of the package you will experience abundance in all forms, have the tools necessary to continue on and know how to use them with efficiency and ease.

This program's container is for 12 months!

Please be advised that all sessions are over the phone. If the phone does not work for you there are other ways of communicating with Animal Medicine Woman™.



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