3 Easy & Powerful Steps to Make Your Money Pain Go Away For Good!

3 Easy & Powerful Steps to Make Your Money Pain Go Away For Good!

By Animal Medicine Woman™

Everything in this universe and beyond is made of energy. So with this knowledge you know that money is a form of energy. By knowing this you can start using these 3 powerful and easy tools to allow money’s energy to start working for you today! Money is more simple than you have been told to believe and it can be your best friend if you allow it.

The first thing that needs to be covered is setting intentions out into the world so you can become the influential money generator you are. The potential of setting your intentions every single day is thrilling! This is how people create changes and miracles in their life. But why does this work? There are two main components to allowing a mantra to serve you on a deeper level, but before we get to the first piece you need to know an equation when it comes to energy that can be overlooked at times.

Energy follows intention. Intention is what you pay attention to.

Once you understand this you can see how what you are paying attention to is being produced in your life. So you need to start focusing on what you do want, even if you do not have it, instead of what you don’t want. For example: debt. If you continue to tell yourself, “I am in debt.” The universe picks up on this and brings it to you. Now you need to make your own Money Manifest Mantra that will create the container of what you want to bring in. It can be good to start just outside of your comfort zone. Depending where you are in your money story it could look something like:

  • I am choosing to heal my money story to allow more in.
  • I am give myself permission to have a raise.
  • I am deserving and worthy of making $____ a month.
  • I can consistently make $____ a month.

This are very powerful Money Manifest Mantras and by saying them outloud each day the Universe will hear you. The most amazing thing about setting a Money Manifest Mantra is because it is not only a beginners tool to manifest money into your life, but you can continue to use this tool everyday so you can continue to build the fortune you want and deserve.

The second part of Money Manifest Mantras is to be consistent with them. This is a habit that you need to create not only in your life but your energy field. Think of it as if you went to the gym once and expected dramatic results the next day. It does not work like that. It works when you work at it each day. Set alarms throughout the day to remind yourself to say them. Set yourself up for success not failure.

The next powerful tool is to set goals or what I like to call them Rich Realization Recipes. Rich Realization Recipes are achievable goals that will not make you feel defeated or deflated at the end of time period you have chosen. It all depends on where your money story is now and how we can grow it with ease and grace and still feel like we have accomplished something! You want to design your Rich Realization Recipe so you can continue grow by adding more into your savings account. This is a very important step you want to make the difficulty level medium-high, so that you have to push yourself a bit but not too much. You know yourself best when it comes to the degree which you set your goals. You do not want your Rich Realization Recipe too small, because by the time you complete it, you will feel like you haven’t truly accomplished something.  Nor do you want to aim to high when you do not have a foundation to catch you.

By looking at your income and outcome expenses of your last month, see how much you can afford to put away and then add some. At this time you can see where you are spending your money need be and where you spending extra money that is not essential for your growth. From there your Rich Realization Recipe will be born! You can add your Rich Realization Recipe into your Money Manifest Mantra!

With these powerful tools it can be difficult for you. This last tool is the most powerful tool. With this tool you can align yourself back with your Aligned Life Path where Money Pain does not exist. Power Spirit Leaders are a must need because they will reveal the pains and allow you to shed that skin. Discover and awaken your hidden talents to cultivate more money into your life without hesitating.

Power Spirit Leaders are your number one cheerleader in the Animal Medicine Universe, as they will unlock your hidden jackpots for you that will contain how to wisdom that will come natural and easy for you! You have your own soul’s money story that is bubbling at the seams to be hatched and activated. Power Spirit Leaders and money are energies of expansion and they are meant to help develop your life further than your wildest dreams and in other areas of your life such as purpose, business/career, relationships (personal and professional), and health!

When you truly want to establish a better relationship with money, it will appear because it wants to support you! You are worthy and deserving of the support from the Universe, Money and Your Power Spirit Leaders!

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