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Animal Medicine Woman™ had always been different in ways of how she thought, acted and what she liked and disliked. Growing up she did her best to fit in, but you can never truly fit in if you were meant to stand out. Because she was not being her true self, others around her could sense this and judged her on every level, even the levels that were pure and true.

Going through elementary and junior high, not being understood and just knowing she was different was difficult, though she embraced her oddities more in high school. She started to educate herself around age 14 about other spiritual practices. When she decided to learn Reiki, is when she was first introduced to the world of Animal Medicine at age 15 because her Reiki Guides showed up as a tiger instead of a human. Exploring the world of Animal Medicine, she was extremely thrilled to know this world existed, one that just made sense to her.

After finding her own, Power Spirit Leaders and other Animal Spirit Guides, she thought that was it and there was nothing more to it. Even though it thrilled her, she kept it as a hobby until one day she was just not aligned to it anymore. She could still feel the pull towards what animals had to offer to the world, so after high school she decided to become an equine sports therapist. During the years she learnt many different modalities such as crystals, aromatherapy, emotion therapy, acupressure, use of magnets, etc. This still didn’t completely satisfy her purpose, so she quit that field of alternative medicine and healing.

Soon after, she found the Akashic Soul Records, which lead her down a marvelous path full of information based on helping people with their purpose, business/career, relationships (personal or professional), money and health. She felt more on her path knowing she was meant to help people learn and teach them how to live a better life. Though deep down she knew there was still a piece missing.

Knowing what she knows now, she understands why she had to step away from it. She needed to learn all this other valuable information because the world was waiting for her to step into her purpose of becoming Animal Medicine Woman™. So the world continued to wait.

Years later, still getting the universal nudges to make more of a presence in the Animal Medicine world, she still didn’t understand her role. She knew she needed to start somewhere. Allowing divine downloads to come through, she understood she needed to spread the wonderful news of Animal Medicine. So she started her first program to help awaken others Power Spirit Leaders. To be honest, it was everywhere and needed much work to launch that program again.

During the time of revamping the program, she started helping others with Daily Animal Spirit Guide Advice. As she continued to do this she truly noticed the difference between, Animal Spirit Guides, Animal Totems and Power Spirit Leaders (put link here later when I create that blog). She started to see how these amazing creatures can create an impact on people’s life. Still knowing there was more needed in her messages. Thinking she finally had the program right this time, she launches it again. This time flowing better but something was still off.

Funny as it is, sometimes our most natural gifts are ignored. She forgot to ask her own Power Spirit Leaders what the most natural way for her to do this was. It wasn’t until a business retreat that the divine download finally nestled in and Animal Medicine Woman™ was born. Since that day Animal Medicine Woman™ reconnected with her guides. They have been waiting for her to reach this homecoming for a long time! Trust me, she got an ear full!

What was the ear full you ask? Always knowing that one of her main gifts she has to offer is her unique connection with the Animal Kingdom; physically and spiritually. She offers this gift to others so they may too experience the unbelievable life lessons that are at one’s fingertips by acknowledging your spiritual animals.

She is positive that she is the link the world has been missing to learn more about Animal Medicine. She had to learn vast and different modalities to gain crucial wisdom in healing the mind, body, heart, spirit and soul before announcing to the world that she now offers a one of a kind healing experience that will help you completely heal your past, intensely aligning your purpose to the now, define your hidden talents and gifts, and giving you permission to stand true to yourself with Animal Medicine beside you!

She spent years suppressing her true self, so others could understand her language and feel that she was not too exotic and intense for them to handle.

After years of healing herself, she realized that it was vital for her to be her true self, so others could find her through her language and the energies that she displays for the world to see. Much to her surprise others needed her to do this so they could do the same!  

By knowing why she had always acted a certain way only because of her Animal Spirit Guides, Animal Totems and Power Spirit Leaders, she knew that others needed to know what Animal Medicine they needed to communicate and impact the world how they were meant to!

Each day, she sees how much the world is in need of Animal Medicine Woman™ to help heal, grow and support others with Animal Medicine. She is truly in her natural essence, making her presence known and not willing to stop!

She is thriving in alignment with the most flow, balance and ecstatic path!

She is here to join forces with you to intensely build this with YOU!

So there is only one urgent question to ask:

Are you ready to align to your Animal Spirit Guides, Animal Totem Medicine Rites, and Power Spirit Leaders, while learning how your purpose is meant to create a career beyond your wildest imagination?

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