Collection: Spiritual Business & Sales 1:1 Coaching Packages

There are many different ways to be constantly selling your soul pack aka ideal clients and without them set up you will have to work harder to make sales, instead of allowing systems to start working for you. Some of those ways are to get your messaging right to learning how to attract your soul pack to learning how to close people to being able to make sales in your sleep. Learn how to sell with ease so you can actually focus on your zone of genius and begin serving your soul pack fully. By doing this, you will allow yourself to begin bringing in more money without the hassle like before. 

No matter what your next financial business goal is, you are going to be able to stop stressing out and working harder to achieve it with help from Cas. Let’s make you repeatable $5000, $10,000, $50,000 months while having fun doing it! This is a key ingredient, having fun allows you to stay in your zone of genius!

Knowing the different ways of selling allows you to have more freedom and time to spend with your family and those that matter to you. Truly allow yourself to get more of what you love and why you started your business. Time to reconnect with that. 

Wherever you are within your spiritual business journey, you will be able to see a huge shift. No more 

  • Having no one sign up for your products/services
  • Having people sign up for free calls from you and then they do not sign up even though you know it was a good match
  • Being confused on what you are selling
  • Not finding your soul pack aka your ideal clients
  • Staying up late and trying to figure out what the magic words are to have people say yes to your spiritual business
  • Having clients sign up and then never resign on with you again

And more of:

  • Having your ideal clients signing up for your products/services without a blink of an eye because they know you are a leader
  • Having more time to focus on your zone of genius so you can serve more clients
  • More freedom and time to spend with your loved ones
  • Becoming a leader in your industry with no question
  • Knowing what your are selling (a confused buyer can not buy from you)
  • Having repeat clients and them referring you constantly

Before each session Cas will get you prepared for the call so you get the most out of it, allowing you to already step into your leadership energy and being able to set the right intentions for each call so you are able to achieve exactly what you are looking for. 

No matter what package you choose there is always a kickoff call. Where you will be set up with success right away, allowing you to start making the moves necessary to get into your next business financial goal. (how much time you get in that kick off call varies between each package)

The more investment you make in yourself, the more support you will receive and be able to make bigger moves which will be extremely rewarding to you.  Look through the coaching packages and see what differs, you will know which one is meant for you. Each coaching package does have a certain amount of people that can enter into that. Cas is devoted to each of her clients and knows the time that is needed for each one. Don’t miss out on your chance.

Any questions or comments are always welcome. Contact us here today so we can help you along your spiritual business journey.