4 Common Blockages When You Are NOT Connected to Your Intuition

4 Common Blockages When You Are NOT Connected to Your Intuition

By Animal Medicine Woman™

Over the years of counseling, coaching, and people watching (guilty!), I have noticed when people struggle to find their soul purpose, soul pack, where they belong in the world, etc, it mirrors to how much they are connected their spiritual self. When there is a disconnect between oneself and spiritual self, there are four common issues that appear. These blockages become clearer the more you work on resolving them. Once you are able to do that you will become aligned with your divine life path and soul’s purpose. These are the 4 top issues that will show up when you are not aligned and connected with your spiritual self.

1. Feeling Lost:

It is easy to feel lost in this gigantic, big world when you have not been taught the foundations of connecting with yourself, Mother Earth, and the Universe. Everyone on this planet has been alienated for some element within them which makes this illusion everywhere. Just know that you are not alone in the world when it comes to feeling like you are lost and do not belong here. When you start to feel lost, it brings in other feelings like the ones listed below. Without working on this illusion you will soon find yourself living a life that you wish you did not have. You are at a dead end job, with a fixed income, none of your passions from your childhood are being activated, you feel like there is no light at the end of the tunnel, etc. This paints a very unwanted picture in your mind’s eye. When you are not working towards transforming this feeling, it will not change. You have to make the decision to change.

2. Unmotivated:

I have yet met a person that has felt unmotivated at some point in their life. I do not blame them if they are not connected with their spiritual self and not taking action with their soul’s purpose. When one is unmotivated, the ego can easily take over because the brain is not being stimulated just making matters worse. Your ego wants to run the show at all times, even though it is not supposed to. Your intuition is supposed to run the show and when it does your intuition will bring in the motivation you are craving at this very moment. I truly believe that when you get those moments of intense motivation it is your intuition coming forward very strongly to help you take action.

3. Disconnected:

When you are disconnected from your spiritual self it will cause many problems throughout your life, such as: not understanding your purpose and life, feeling distant and not connected to anyone that is a close friend or relative, feeling like you do not belong in this world, time, and the planet, etc. These are all stories your ego will run through your head over and over again. For those of you that do not know, your ego’s job is to protect you. By repeating these stories, your ego believes it is keeping you safe because you are still alive due to all the evidence it has from your past. Without the proper support, you will have a very difficult or nearly impossible time changing these stories because your ego will want to protect you. Your ego has no proof it can protect you in a story it has never been a part of.

4. Disassociation:

For those of you that have had trauma in your past/present life, you may or may not know you that you experience disassociation. It is something many people do to keep themselves feeling ‘safe’. It shows up to protect you from traumatic experiences that occurred in the past to present and when you are in a stressful environment. A way you can see if you have disassociation is if you find yourself daydreaming. In the spiritual realm, healers will be telling you that you are not even inside of your body. You and your soul have been convinced that life is easier if you are not present. When you are not present in your life, you will be just causing more problems than solutions. It is your job to go through some traumas so you can grow and learn as an infinite soul. Once you are present inside of your body that is when you can align to your soul’s purpose and live it with ease and grace.

I have become a coach for many reasons mainly because I have a strong passion to help people not make the same mistakes I have in my lifetime. I truly believed that no one understood me and that I would have to walk and learn on this planet by myself. It was only until I decided to shift my perspective that I was able to start making leaps and bounds once I hired my own coaches and brought in like-minded friends who are a part of my soul pack.

There is no soul contract that is designed to walk and learn on this planet alone, even though that is one of the biggest illusions in the world. If you get anything out of this blog post, I hope you understand it is your job to reach out to others so you can both grow together.

For those of you that would like to connect to your intuition and remove the illusions stated above, sign up for the next time I am hosting Level 1 of The Soul Journeys® Akashic Records Certification Program.

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I am full of GRATITUDE to take charge and change really remove the BLOCK. I am ready for my break up break down and break through of the Blockages I have carried build that have kept me distressed distracted and anxious but most of all lost and afraid.


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