Create Freedom in Your Life With Wolves

Create Freedom in Your Life With Wolves


Over this weekend I took my first Buti Yoga Class and I fell in love. Not only did I get a workout that kicked my butt into shape, I also received a very pleasant and surprising visit from some of my Animal Guides. At the end of the Buti Yoga Class, the class was guided to lay down in the pose called Savasana to just receive. And receive I did!

My White and Black Wolves came to visit me. They were telling me how eager they are to start co-creating with me again! They want me to channel a program through, so together they can help you uncover the true meanings of what your emotions are truly trying to tell you, if you listen or not. Each time I work with my White and Black Wolf I learn more about how they can serve me and the profound healing they can provide for me!

By learning from them, always allows me to give you the same tools to gain more freedom in your life by understanding how to balance your White Wolf and Black Wolf’s energies. When you start to learn how to respond instead of reacting, it gives you control of your freedom. From this you will receive less drama in your life, allowing you to spend your time doing what you love! Listed below are some of the emotions that you can deal with while working with your wolves.

Grief, Sadness, and Hopelessness

Your grief and sadness shows you part of your purpose and the best places for you to contribute to. There is a huge difference between where you should be a contribution and what your purpose is. They may be the same thing, but more often they are separate. It is best to learn what your purpose is and where you should be contributing your time, money, and energy to. When you feel hopelessness, this is an indicator of where you need to start making a stand for yourself and others. For example if you feel hopeless to standing up to a bully in your life, this is showing you what you need to do! This emotion shows you where you are supposed to grow and help others grow as well. This is how your Black Wolf shows up to you, and once you balance this and understand you Black Wolf’s teachings, then your White Wolf can step forward and bring in comfort and hope.

Feeling Down and Blue

Instead of allowing these emotions consume you, your Black Wolf will show you how to see them as a sign to realign to your divine life path and your why. Understand your Black Wolf is showing up for you through these emotions to support you. You can release these emotions as soon as you understand this and apply it in your life. Learn to not let these emotions take over your life by spending more time understanding your Black Wolf. Once you do this, your White Wolf can truly step in and promote optimism, cheerfulness and happiness.

Anxiety and Fearful Emotions

Learn to change your anxiety and scared energies into excited energy! Did you know that nervous and scared energy is the same frequency as excited energy?! Since they are the same frequency it is very easy for us to decide to be scared and nervous instead of excited! Your Black Wolf brings forth these energies so you know it is time for you to learn how to lean into these energies so you can start to change them to support you. When you learn to lean into your fear, you will learn to manage your anxiety by looking your anxiety in the eye instead of running away from it. Your White Wolf and your Black Wolf do their best to put you into balance so you have the perfect mixture of excited and nervous! When you are in that sweet spot you know the Universe is telling you to go into that direction!

Anger and Guilt

If you have read my first blog about my Black Wolf you will remember how I talked about how anger can be your ally. When your anger comes up, it lets you truly know what you are passionate about. Lots of people are passionate about speaking their truth, also if a particular thing(s) grinds your gears, it is showing you a part of your purpose and what contributions you should be giving to the world. Guilt sets in afterwards if you do not deal with your anger correctly. Just like anger, guilt is showing you where you wish you did something different. Let it show you where and what you are supposed to be doing with your time, money and energy. If your emotions are not balanced, you need your Black Wolf to show up for you like this before your White Wolf can step in, allowing them to both lead you down your divine life path.

Boredom and Disinterest

These emotions will show you that you need to add fun back into your routine and purpose. Also you could not be at the right job/career path. You wolves will realign you to your why! We all need a why to feel motivated to pursue our dreams, goals, and purpose. This is why your Black Wolf will show up this way because your Black Wolf wants you to see that something is not in alignment. Then you know you need to make a change to your life to bring yourself back into alignment with you divine life path! Once you are back on your divine life path, your White Wolf can start to bring passion and interest back into your life!

Doubt, Pessimism, Distrust and Bitterness

Last but not least your Black Wolf shows you where your ego wants to control you the most. Now that you understand that your Black Wolf is your ally not enemy, you need to see your ego in the same light. Your ego is just your mind's way of keeping you safe. When you step into the unknown your ego does not have enough experience to know if you are going to be safe or not. So it does it’s job of protecting you and places doubt, pessimism, distrust and bitterness into your mind. You can learn to use your Black Wolf and ego properly by understanding that your doubt and other emotions are actually showing you the path you are meant to take! It is very true that you will not grow inside of your comfort zone, where your ego wants you to stay, you grow outside of your comfort zone, where your intuition wants you to go.

Did any of these emotions stir something inside of you? Did you get uncomfortable reading about some or all? Do you have control over your emotions? Does someone else have control over your emotions? Do you experience freedom to express your emotions? Want to get to work with your White and Black Wolves today? <<Click here to get started!>>
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