Essential Oils Helping You Commit and Ground

Essential Oils Helping You Commit and Ground

By Animal Medicine Woman™

It is common when I am coaching people that when they start to step out of their comfort zone they become scattered and lose commitment to what they set out to achieve. Knowing that I can not hold their hand every single day, I invite them to explore essential oils!

I always knew the amazing effects of essential oils a few years ago but put them to the side because I did not know exactly how to apply them to my life. At the end of last year when I was reintroduced to essential oils and was taught how they can benefit my everyday life, I was hooked for life this time! There is one I use every single day, and I believe that everyone should be using this oil. The best part it helps people with feeling scattered!


The first oil I am going to talk about is Balance! I always heard great things about this oil, but I fell into the trap of thinking this must be too good to be true! When in fact it's sooo good it is true! This essential oil blend helps people ground themselves into the present moment, where we all need to be to manifest the results we want! It also helps you ground with Mother Earth which helps people who overthink, speak a lot, and use their spiritual gifts daily.

This blend is also great for commitment! It helps people who experience lots of disconnection and disassociation. A little trick that I do every morning is put one drop of Balance on the bottom of my feet every day! This helps me stay within my body and in the present moment! Going deeper into this, it helps you stay committed to a long-term relationship like your purpose and business/career. This blend energetically reminds anyone they must be inside of their body and in the present moment to achieve their dreams and desires. This blend will help you stay present with any goal until it has manifested in the physical.

Balance is made with tree oils and roots, which makes sense why it helps so many with grounding.


The second oil is Motivate; the encouraging blend! This essential oil will give you the uplifting scents from a blend of mints and citrus oils to keep you moving forward. It is more difficult to stay committed if you are not motivated! That is why it is an important essential oil to have in your back pocket to keep you motivated and committed to whatever goal you have set out to accomplish.

Other properties of Motivate is helping you boost your confidence to follow through with your intentions you set at the beginning of the goal. This is also helpful for when you are faced with a challenge it will help you move through it with ease and grace! Challenges can be an easy excuse to not stay committed to your goal, but with Motivate you will find it hard to use that excuse!

Motivate is great when you have a long-term goal, project, or task! It helps you reconnect to your why and your desire to serve. This blend will give you the courage to continue pursuing your goals until they are completed by motivating you to take positive and aligned actions!


Vetiver is the third oil and is know to help people center and descent. If you have placed a drop of Balance on both feet for the day and still feel scattered, you can place Vetiver in your palms to smell it throughout the day. It helps bring you back down to earth and into your body. Once it has succeeded in doing that, it will help you connect with your thoughts and feelings on a deeper level so you can start to prioritize your life. This helps you manage your life and be productive, which calms you down and makes you feel accomplished!

A fun fact of Vetiver is that it is great if you are wanting to increase your self-awareness! Also if you have any emotional issues that you are stuck on, it can help you get to the root with ease and grace. Vetiver will challenge you to look your pain in the eye, instead of running away from it. By doing this, you will be able to find relief by seeing the root issue and removing it, instead of through avoidance. This helps with being committed to goals, projects, and tasks!

Vetiver will gently bring you to stay in the present moment so you can remove painful memories, open the doors to the light, and see your true self. The more you work on your emotional pains and issues the more you will feel safe to stay within your body! And you must be in your body to manifest your dreams and desires.


There may be other oils that would help you with commitment issues and feeling scattered, but I believe these are the best as I have seen results of them. Essential oils will help you with the heavy lifting of energetics and it is best to use them to your benefit! Do you use any of these oils right now? It is amazing how simple it is to add essential oils to your life and the kind of impact they have on you!

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This was very informative and made me realize that sometimes the simplest things can be most effective

Alexandra Joshua

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