Here Is Why You Are Not Connecting With Your Soul's Purpose

Here Is Why You Are Not Connecting With Your Soul's Purpose



DISCLAIMER: Once you know the truth, you have full responsibility for what you do next. Which path do you choose?

You are not doing anything to change your current reality. Do you really believe that if you continue to do the same things that one day you will get “lucky” and have the life you dream about? Well let me tell you something, luck has nothing to do with achieving your dreams and goals. I have talked to many people who are looking for the “magic pill” to lose weight, have a thriving business, and connecting to their soul’s purpose. I am just going to burst that bubble for you, there is no magic pill. #sorrynotsorry It is up to you to make the decision to make a change in your life to receive what it is you truly want! Which leads perfectly into the next point...

You are the catalyst in your life. I can not stress this enough! Your current reality is because you are being that exact catalyst for this current result. If you are wanting a different result you need to make changes in your daily life to achieve your desired results. You need to look inward by yourself or someone who is an expert in the area you are struggling with and see what needs to be changing and shifting. Without knowing what your next best-aligned steps are, you are pretty much walking on a treadmill not going anywhere. Are you ready to get off that treadmill and actually make your steps count? Once you have looked inward…

You need to make an action plan and follow through. “A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step” Lao Tzu. When you are looking at where you are now to where you want to be it can be very scary and discouraging as you do not see all the little actions that need to be completed to achieve your thousand-mile journey. When you make your action plan, you want to figure out what tiny actions you can make in the NOW to achieve your desired result! A little secret is to make little celebrations of achieving certain goals, as this will keep you motivated and inspired to keep moving towards your desired results. Another way to keep you moving forward and past your blocks is to know that…

You do not need to do this by yourself. There is a huge collective belief system around the planet that you are all alone and you are separate from the Universe. This belief system disconnects you from the Universe. If this is something that you suffer with, it is time to reconnect with the Universe! There are many different ways of doing this but the two best ways I have found in my journeys in this lifetime is through Animal Medicine and Akashic Soul Records. Through these modalities, I am able to connect with the Universe on the daily by speaking to my Animal Guides and Record Keepers. Another way I keep myself on track is to have an aligned soul coach on my side and helping me move past blockages that I can not do myself! This is such a KEY ingredient to success! It is important to have a spiritual and physical support team behind you to help you when you need!

After reading through, where do you feel you hold yourself back from connecting to your soul’s purpose? Let me know in the comments!

PS. For those of you that are ready to align with your soul’s purpose, contact me and ask to set up a FREE Soul Purpose Alignment Call now!

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