Learning Your Soul's Purpose Through Your Power Spirit Leaders

Learning Your Soul's Purpose Through Your Power Spirit Leaders


A week or so ago I was asked to talk about my experiences with my Animal Guides when I was younger. I was really excited to talk about this with you because I truly can talk your ear off about all the kinds of experiences I have encountered with them. BUT I love to make the best use of my time to serve you and your highest good, so I started to think about it and here is what we came up with.


When I was younger I discovered my Power Spirit Animal was a young and beautiful Cougar. Her name is Lily and she reflects my childlike side. Now when I first met her, she kept telling me that I was meant to step into and own my power. Being completely transparent with you, at that time I had no bleeping clue what that meant. It really frustrated me to no end because she would not shut up about it. Of course we would talk about other things, but she always brought it up. When I met my Power Spirit Bird, Charlie, he also frustrated me at the beginning. He is a male of few words and reflects my royalty side. Even though he did not talk a lot, he would always remind me that I am meant to step into my Spiritual Leadership. I used to think to myself, great another thing that I am confused about.


I can laugh about this now, but back then I was so annoyed with both of my Power Spirit Leaders because they were not making any sense. This is one of the main reasons I am so passionate about connecting people with their Power Spirit Leaders is due to my own experiences. I do not want people to feel like they are alone in this world and they have to figure everything out for themselves to get anywhere. People like me are meant to help you figure out what the Universe is trying to tell you, either through the form of Animal Guides, Astrology, Numerology, Akashic Records, etc. From their guidance then to now, I continue to connect to my truest self by taking the steps necessary to step into and own my power while becoming the Spiritual Leader I was always meant to be.


Now when you connect with your Animal Guides it is not meant to be frustrating, it is meant to align you with your life lessons which are extremely connected with your soul’s purpose. They hold clues to what you are meant to master in this life so you can teach others. Why I told you about my struggles with my Power Spirit Leaders at the beginning was because these were areas I struggled with the most and I did not need to do that to myself. I struggled with them so much I didn’t even know what it meant to stand in my power and own it or to be a spiritual leader. I never knew that there were people out in the world that could help me understand what my Power Spirit Leaders were trying to tell me!


Since they never gave up on me, I never gave up on myself either and chose to learn what it meant to stand and own my power while standing in my Spiritual Leadership energy. I needed to know my Power Spirit Leaders to begin my journey of becoming who I am today and who I am still meant to become in the future. Looking back on my life, I have always been guided to work with Animal Medicine. The more I worked with them, the more I understood their messages hidden within. I can deliver crystal clear information about your Power Spirit Leaders to you, so you never feel lost and unmotivated like I have.

Your Power Spirit Leaders have been with you since you were born, they were assigned to you to support you throughout this lifetime. Like I mentioned before they will deliver to you the core life lessons you are meant to go through so you can learn what you came to learn in this incarnation. By connecting with them, you will be able to understand what you are meant to learn while connecting to a spirit guide that acts like your best friend. They will understand you like no one has before because they are a part of your soul, just coming through as a spirit guide.

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