Manifesting with Animal Medicine [every week]

Manifesting with Animal Medicine [every week]

By Animal Medicine Woman

The best way I found to manifest with Animal Medicine is to be in daily communication with your Power Spirit Leaders! There are many reasons to why this is! Throughout this blog you will find the top 3 reasons why manifesting with Animal Medicine is awesome and how you can achieve your desired results every day, week, month, and year!

Number One:

Your Power Spirit Leaders mirror many elements that are locked inside of you and allow you to be proud of those elements. I have seen it over and over again with my Power Spirit Leaders and other’s! They hold a piece of your personality that is meant to shine bright! For example my Eagle reflects my inner royalty energy, that loves to hold myself high and mighty. My Cougar holds my inner child who loves to play and have fun! Both of them are correct and hold a sacred piece of who I am. Your Power Spirit Leaders also will show you what your natural strengths and weaknesses are! By knowing this you can have the desired outcome in any situation! When you connect with your Power Spirit Leaders you are able to understand how to use your weaknesses as strengths which is even better! By having crystal clear clarity of who you really are and how you work best, it helps you align with the Universe and in return helps you manifest aligned results.

Number Two:

When you research your Power Spirit Leader you learn about the hidden jackpots within you. These hidden jackpots are ways to help you manifest more money into your life with ease and grace. No need to make it hard on yourself! By creating a bond between you and your Power Spirit Leaders, you will learn the utmost, best ways for you to show up so the Universe can repay you. And who does not like to be paid for living their purpose!? These hidden jackpots are unique to every single soul and Power Spirit Leader! For those of you that already know of your Power Spirit Leaders but are not sure about your hidden jackpots, continue reading!

Number Three:

By understanding your Power Spirit Leaders and having an unbreakable bond, you will learn the perfect ways for you to jump, strike, and go after opportunities! Animal Medicine has an unique approach to how one should be taking action on opportunities and possibilities that appear. Learning from your Power Spirit Leaders, you will have the upper hand that others lack to manifest and achieve your desired results over and over again! They will teach you the optimal ways to apply yourself, when to apply yourself, how you should be showing up when an opportunity shows up, and much, much more!

There are a number of other ways Power Spirit Leaders will help you understand how to manifest the results you dream of, but before that can happen you need to align yourself with your Power Spirit Leaders! The best way to do that is to partake in Animal Medicine 101. The Universe is giving you an opportunity right now, what action are you going to take?

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