The Black Wolf & The White Wolf

The Black Wolf & The White Wolf

By Animal Medicine Woman™

Have you heard of the “Old Cherokee Story”? If yes, great! If not, let's dive in. The story is about two different wolves that are inside of you; the Black Wolf and the White Wolf. The story emphasizes how your life will be influenced by whichever wolf you decide to feed/give attention or energy to.

Knowing how wolves relate to each other in the wild and the wisdom I have obtained through learning about Wolf Medicine, this short story ignites something inside of me. So much so, that I had to write this blog post for you to see a new point of view.

I have always been interested in the duo between the Black Wolf and White Wolf. I even have a tattoo sleeve dedicated to the wolves that are in my life!

I believe when some people, if not all, read the short story they will do their very best to dismiss the Black Wolf from their life. They choose to see the Black Wolf as the enemy and believe once they achieve to kick the Black Wolf out of their life that everything will get better and things will fall into place.

This short story has always stayed with me, it is almost like everytime I learn something new this short story finds a way back into my life. I am sure it also has done the same for others. It was only until I looked at it through different eyes that I was able to see a new lesson that I have overlooked many times. A part of the story that is often overlooked has to do with feeding the Black Wolf properly instead of starving it. Your black wolf is important in your life as it is a master teacher of life lessons. The Black Wolf is the yin to the White Wolfs’ yang. You should not seek to destroy or kill your Black Wolf but should train and understand your Black Wolf so it can work in your advantage.

Many people look at the qualities of the Black Wolf, ie. angry, guilt, sorrow, envy, regret, etc. as if they are the worst qualities one could obtain. When I look at these, I see something different. I see new teachings and lessons waiting for me when these emotions show up. The Black Wolf is just as much as a magnificent teacher as the White Wolf. They are both always trying to teach us something new about ourselves.

If you try to kill off your Black Wolf by not feeding him, you will create a monster worse than before. If you ignore the emotions of the Black Wolf, the emotions will not disappear. Instead, the emotions will continue to fester until they blow up like a volcano.

You may be asking yourself, “how can the Black Wolf teach me anything?” For example, if you get angry because someone is bullying you or another person in your life, this could be showing you what your passions are and that you can no longer just stand around and be a bystander. This is a sign that you should be taking action around this matter. When you get angry at something that bothers you, it could be showing you it is time you take a stand for yourself or make a change.

Now that I have you looking differently at your Black Wolf, what could you learn by viewing your Black Wolf as a teacher instead of the enemy?

It is only until you understand how your Black Wolf operates that you can fully step into your Spiritual Leadership. By stepping into a sacred container with me, you will learn how to address this Black Wolf by understanding its lessons with clarity. I have opened up 6 new coaching packages for motivated spiritual individuals that want to learn more about how they can excel in their purpose! Are you ready to befriend your Black Wolf? Contact me here >>

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