The Different Classes of Animal Guides

The Different Classes of Animal Guides

Animal Spirit Guide - Animal Totem - Power Spirit Leader


By Animal Medicine Woman™

When you understand the different classes of Animal Guides, you will be able to work with their medicine easier and more efficient! Just remember not one is more important than the other, they all just have different jobs and ways to serve you. It is in your best interest with each class, to understand what they are there to help you with! This will allow you to advance quickly in your life.

The first one you should look at is the Animal Spirit Guide. They are ones that step into your life for the shortest period of time. They help you with one lesson or one aspect of a lesson and then move on. There will be times when old Animal Spirit Guides come back to you to teach you something new, or remind you of something they taught you in the past. Typically they stay until you learn the lesson, which could be for a day, week, month, or year. It it up to you how fast you learn the lesson they are there to help you with.

Next is an Animal Totem. Animal Totems have a little more skin in the game with you. They will help you with a more significant lesson/teaching. Just like the Animal Spirit Guide, they will move on once you have completed the lesson with them but their time with you is longer. Usually they will stay for a couple of months or longer. The Animal Spirit Guide and Animal Totem will be able to teach you the lesson the more you meditate with them and take appropriate and aligned action towards learning the lesson.

Power Spirit Leaders are one of the few Animal Guides that will stay with you for life. Within their medicine hides your most powerful life lessons which will help you align to your highest good and purpose. Also a fun little tip, your Power Spirit Leaders will show a different side of your personality to you. For example, my Power Spirit Animal is a younger cougar which shows me my childlike side that likes to have fun every single moment of every single day. Then I have my Power Spirit Bird who is an mature eagle who likes people to know he exists and has told me he is of royalty. He is a Power Spirit Bird of few words and holds himself high in any situation. And so on. Your Power Spirit Leaders will show you strong personality traits that are inside of you, even if you do not know how to showcase it to the world yet.

Power Spirit Leaders come in 4 forms: animal, bird, reptile, and insect. Going into further detail, a Power Animal will show you hints into how you are meant to stay grounded within yourself and earth. A Power Reptile have extreme opposites of a Power Animal, such as Mammals give birth to live offspring. Reptiles lay eggs. Mammals have hair or fur while reptiles have scales. Mammals need to feed milk to the young, reptiles don't need to as the hatchling can fend off themselves. Mammals are hot blooded while reptiles are cold blooded. As you can start to see spiritually that mammals and reptiles are the yin and yang to each other. A Power Bird is a symbol of your soul and how high it can fly into the sky aka the divine and still be able to return to earth. A Power Insect will show you the extremely different perspective they have, as their lifespans are different, some can fly, some can’t. Some have beautiful communities others are alone most of their life.

There are more Animal Guides in the world, but these are the main three ones you should introduce yourself to first and get to know! The lessons they want to teach you right now, will help you learn how to use Animal Medicine in your life further down the road!

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Would love to discover my animal medicine. And Angel spirit guides


Very informative for me. I have never associated with living reptiles. I know they serve a purpose but not my liking. As for birds well there is much interest and feeling for them even before learning of a relative whose name was Flyingbird. Mammals always have had my heart but in past couple years moved from dog and cat variety to wildlife like raccoons and Opossums. Much learning for me ahead.


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