The Number 1 Reason You Struggle with Your Soul’s Purpose

The Number 1 Reason You Struggle with Your Soul’s Purpose



In today’s age many souls are not even aware of how much they are disconnected and how easily they disassociate on the daily. Technology is a gift to us, as it allows us to keep in contact with friends and family that do not live close. It allows us to connect with people across the world that perhaps we would have never known without technology. On the other hand it is a way for many souls to disconnect from their reality, for many different reasons.

I have experienced, as I am sure countless others have, the feeling that someone’s phone is taking them away from the present moment with you. They would rather scroll endlessly on the device in their hands rather than communicate with someone that is physically in front of them. Now why would someone do this?

This is not a rant on technology. This is a blog about people disconnecting and disassociating. Though there is a connection between why people disconnect and disassociate with technology and why people struggle with their soul’s purpose.

Drum roll please…

You are not in alignment. Period.

You are not in alignment with your body. You are not in alignment with the Universe. So you are not in alignment with your soul’s purpose.

Now what does this mean?

You are not in the present moment.

So instead of being in the present moment, you could be living in the future. When someone lives in the future too much, they tend to become very anxious and stressed. I am sure you know someone like this, and perhaps that person is you. Also, you could be living in the past. Your daily life would be visited by old pains that seem to never heal and certain unwanted events happening in your life quite frequently. Or both! Does this resonate with you?

Where did you feel this inside of your body? Where is that discomfort and pain lurking inside of your body?

When one does not address the discomfort and pain inside of their body, it will make it difficult for them to stay inside of their body aka the present moment. And even if you focus on staying in the present moment, once your mind becomes distracted you find yourself disconnecting again.

Now are you ready to hear a truth? A truth that you will not be able to unread?

When you make a conscious or unconscious decision not to deal with the pain that keeps you from staying in the present moment, you are keeping yourself from making any advancements in your life. It is time for you to realize you are the reason you are keeping yourself from connecting to your soul’s purpose.

Once you deal with this pain which is done by working to your soul-aligned coach, you will be able to experience ultimate alignment in all areas of your life! Trust me, you are here for a reason and you were not a mistake or accident no matter what anyone tells you. The Universe put you on this planet to make it better on all levels.

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