What you need to know if you are interested in learning how to access your Akashic Soul Records!


The Akashic Soul Records are the most powerful and profound way of healing yourself and co-creating your desires with the Universe. When you access your Akashic Soul Records you can reprogram any belief systems to serve you and your highest good and purpose. You can choose to reprogram your money story, your love story, your business story, your life story, etc. The healing possibilities within your Akashic Soul Records are truly unlimited.

The reason you are able to reprogram any belief system while inside your Akashic Soul Records is because your Akashic Soul Records are in the 6th dimension. Where your subconscious mind is as well. This allows you to access those belief systems and change them in a nanosecond, if you so choose. 

By learning how to access and facilitate a healing within your Akashic Soul Records through The Soul Journeys® Akashic Records Certification Program, which is the #1 school in the world to learn how to access and heal within the Akashic Soul Records, you will be learning wisdom that is not taught in other programs! I know this because I have been told by many students of mine that they did not know they could do so much within their Akashic Soul Records. 

Every time I teach this amazing certification program, I love seeing what central theme is going to pop up which serves everyone’s higher good and purpose! Possible themes could be related to self worth issues, self confidence issues, directed towards finding their soul’s purpose, healing their relationship with money, and ultimately healing their relationship with their self and the Universe! 

Once you heal your relationship with yourself and the Universe, then the Universe can begin to provide for you in the way it always was meant to! The Universe’s job is to always provide you with the opportunities and situations to help you move from Point A to Point B. Most of the time I find people choose a much tougher and unnecessary path between milestones when there is one that was more aligned to their most joyous life path! By going through this certification program, you are able to start making conscious decisions to align to your most joyous life path because you realize your worth and value inside of you! 

I love teaching people how to access and heal within their own Akashic Soul Records because it shows them how they can empower themselves on the daily! Empowering people is something that is so important to me because throughout my life I have been taught the lessons of empowering yourself and others and the kind of impact it has, which is just ripples to others! It is quite a beautiful impact if you ask me! I have been facilitating healings in other’s Akashic Soul Records for 4 years now and have been a teacher for The Soul Journeys® Akashic Records Certification Program for 2 years now! As you can tell I am pretty excited about this kind of work! 

My next Level 1 I am teaching is on October 12-13, 2019! For those of you that are ready to learn how to access, feel the empowering energy from, and heal within your Akashic Soul Records! <<Click here to read more about Level 1!>>

For those of you that are reading this article after the date stated above and are interested in learning how to access and heal within your Akashic Soul Records, check to see if I have any upcoming classes by emailing me here.

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