Lets Talk About Self Love

Lets Talk About Self Love


Welcome to starting this amazing journey! First off, I ask you to create the time for yourself to truly be present while reading this. This means a time slot where your friends and family know not to disturb you, as everything else can wait for the time you take to read this. I know it may seem impossible for you to do, just know making that time for yourself is actually the true first step to self-love! Enjoy my Cutting-Edge Insight to introducing Self-Love into your everyday life!


  1. A Purposeful Life Begins From Within

This may seem like an obvious one, but many people don’t set aside the time to be with themselves and listen to what their heart and soul are truly asking for. You are not wrong for believing that you deserve your alone time or doing the things that you want to do! There are a couple different ways to look within yourself to bring more light into your life. Meditation can bring you insight on places in your life you are ignoring and need to give more attention to. Sound familiar? Then give more attention to yourself! When meditating you can do breathing exercises. When you take deep breaths you are grounding yourself deeper into your body and present time. Please note that the present time is the only time and place you can make things actually happen! Another way you can bring more light into your life is hiring a Soul Coach! Soul Coaches have the ability to look deeper within and help you solve issues with ease. You know yourself best and you will know what needs to be your next step to up-level to more Self Love!

  1. Forgiving Yourself & Others

People have the misconception that when they forgive, they are actually giving away their power to the person that has hurt them. It is understandable why you wouldn’t do that if you believe this to be true. The truth is, when you surrender yourself to forgive yourself or others, it is the exact opposite. Instead, you are giving yourself back your power! Forgiveness is giving yourself the required peace you deserve. You are able to release a very heavy weight off your shoulders. When you clear that negative space, you are able to create space for more positive entities that allow your heart to grow bigger and glow brighter! It may take time to forgive yourself/others for certain things, so be patient with the process. Just know that the more you do this, it will become easier for you to forgive and give yourself self-love because you are giving your soul what it wants; peace and love.  

  1. Everyone Can Be Their Own Worst Enemy. Become Your Biggest Cheerleader!

This can be a hard action for many because they do not want to step into that selfish role by accident! Another reason it can be hard is that you feel you do not deserve to take up the room for yourself. If you think of it as a seesaw, on one side we have selfishness and on the other we have selflessness. We want these to balance out and serve us to the highest service imaginable! The common ground found right in the middle, is when Self-Love can truly shine! This common ground will grant you the ability to know when to stand your own ground and when you should be lending out a hand to help people, animals, and/or organizations you love! If you feel like this applies you to, go back to the first step and meditate or talk to your Soul Coach about where this belief system began and how to get rid of it! After, continue to the second step and forgive yourself for having this run your show for a while, and those who are part of that story!

  1. Surround Yourself with People Who Encourage You To Shine Your Own Unique Light!

There is a huge difference between ‘friends’ and ‘frenemies’. Frenemies are people you should be forgiving and thanking for showing up in your life. Without frenemies, you may have not learned the lesson you were meant to learn with them. You have your own free will to choose if you should stay friends with someone who is toxic for you or not. Just know releasing them from your life will make more room for the people that are meant to be in your life by supporting you and giving you the love that you deserve! The more you shine your unique light the more you will bring in the people that truly vibrate with you! Please note;  you can make more room for yourself without being selfish. Some people will believe you have changed for the worst and are being selfish; this is not true. Frenemies are used to your boundaries being a certain way, and when you make this change they could be triggered. Some people will honestly just step out of your life because they do not want to be around you, which it’s up to you if you are okay with that or not! You are the main character of your story, so if you are vibrating at a higher frequency and enjoying life more, you do not need to feel guilty about making a positive change in your life. If you are feeling guilty about this, you could meditate and look within to see why you feel this way. Once you have unlocked the issue, you can forgive yourself and others. There is nothing wrong with not being able to figure it out for yourself. Mentors have mentors for a reason, because they could be too close to the situation themselves and need someone else to bring the light back to them!

  1. Surround Yourself With the Colour Pink and its Vibrations

This may seem like the easiest of all, but you may see yourself have issues with the colour pink because of what it represents! Green is the colour for the Heart chakra and greens complimentary color is pink. They are meant to work together to help the heart with self-love! Pink has the ability to help energize the adrenal glands, the heart action, and the reproduction system. It is also good for treating the auric bodies! When I meditate, I always ask for a rose gold to fill my aura to help heal and strengthen my aura. The colour pink is also known to be a fine emotional stabilizer, which helps a lot with self-love because it will bring balance into your life! Simple ways you can bring more pink into your life is by buying pink flowers and putting them somewhere you always walk by so every time you see them it's a constant reminder to give yourself more self-love. There are also essential oils that vibrate with pinks, such as rose, jasmine, rosewood and many more. You can also carry around pink rose quartz! Pink is the colour of love towards yourself and others and the divine feminine. This unlocks a completely deeper layer for many!

  1.  Give Yourself Permission to Give Yourself Love

Many people are looking outside of themselves to fill the hole inside of them. Generally, this hole is created because you are missing love for yourself. Not having self-love as part of your daily life could be because you were never taught self-love and/or only saw love in the form of money or objects. You may also feel you do not deserve to be loved because of (fill in the blank) and/or you are waiting for someone else to give you permission to take the time to love yourself. Once you learn that the love you have been searching for all your life was inside of you all along, that's where you can start making changes with your relationship with love altogether, self-love and love from others. Another way to give more permission to love yourself is to stop comparing yourself to others. This is a restricting energy, and does not serve you to your highest good; it keeps you contained with nowhere to grow! Once you release this belief system, you can give yourself permission to love yourself, without comparing to others!

  1. Coming Out of Your Victim Energy & Into Your Active Energy!

If you can not see where you are being the victim in your life it can be hard to remove this one by yourself. I have seen people punish themselves for being in the victim energy which just starts the process all over again. This is the loop that you want to step out of. You want to come from a place of forgiveness, see it for what it is and then release it. When you step into your active energy you will be taking on emotional responsibility for things that have happened FOR you. Note that I said FOR not TO. There is a huge difference between the two. Sit with this energy and see where it sits in your body and how it makes you feel. The time is now to move from justice in the wounding to justice in the truth. If you were not ready, you would not be here. I can guarantee that!

By doing this work on yourself, it will kick up issues in your tissues! Don’t worry; this is normal! Some things need to literally be removed out of your system. Let's set the intentions these energies leave with love, grace and ease! Keeping a journal can be very helpful when you move through these activities!

Self-love is not a destination. Each day, there is more and more to learn from Self-Love and it's lessons for you. Self-love is a journey, and it is up to you how amazing or difficult that journey is! This is something you can come back to, week after week. Allowing yourself to be reminded that you matter, and the 7 Self Love Actions you can do to bring more Self-Love into your life! You have your own free will to choose to apply these 7 insightful changes into your life or not; that is the beauty of free will! We know growth can seem inconvenient, but it is up to you and you alone to figure out what is more inconvenient; your current story you are unhappy with, or the short growth period to bring about positive change for the life you want! We also want you to know that if you want to make a change, you can do it! Actions with clear intentions will achieve results!

Do you want to take charge of your life and learn the best way to take care of your mental, physical, and spiritual bodies? It is time to introduce yourself to your Power Spirit Leaders. They hold hidden secrets and gems inside. Once revealed, a lot of things will click together. Click here to learn more.

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