Beluga Animal Spirit Guide Meaning

If the Beluga appears, take this guidance:

You will be able to hear the Universe more clearly and you will receive more divine downloads from the Universe! This is a super exciting for you to see where this year is going to take you and your soul’s purpose! Whenever a divine download comes through, write it down in a journal to honor it. When the Beluga leaves you, prioritize the divine downloads to see what best will serve your highest good and your soul purpose at this time!

The Beluga urges you to allow your imagination to run wild while it is with you! Give yourself permission to go into unknown territories of your imagination and intuition, which will give you the motivation to do something creative and different. This could be the energy that you and your soul’s purpose are searching for!

Lots of us in the spiritual world love to have deep conversations with others, as it sparks our interest more than small talk. The Beluga is here to remind you that having small talk with others is good for you as well from time to time, especially if you are creating something new with your soul’s purpose that is completely new to the the people that surround you. You need to butter them up with small talk before diving deep!

Now is not the time to do things by yourself, it is a time for you to ask and receive the support and encouragement from family, friends, and others. It is good to be reminded that Rome was not built in a day, and surely was not built by one person! You can even meditate with the Beluga to receive support, for those of you that have a small-no support team! Of course, this is a great time to invest in a soul coach to help you evolve your soul’s purpose! 

Beluga Animal Spirit Guide Meaning