Buffalo/Bison Animal Spirit Guide Meaning

If the Buffalo appears, take this guidance:

Trust in yourself and the universe that you will always have whatever you need. The Buffalo is here to bring you this reminder that one of your best friends is the Universe. Treat the Universe as so. It will always want to be providing for you and give you the necessary lessons to grow. The Universe has a plan for you! You need to trust in yourself that you can contribute to the world through your purpose and then trust the Universe to have your back no matter what. 

It is a great time to become aware with what you feel you are lacking and switch your mindset to focus on the abundance you have and be grateful for it! A great lesson to learn with the Buffalo is “what you ask for is what you receive.” So, if you are not receiving what you believe you are asking for, it is time for you to look within yourself to understand what you truly have been asking for. A question you can ask yourself is; “Am I making the appropriate and aligned actions towards what I am asking for?” Many people tend to skip this step and belief they will receive results without taking actions. You can meditate with the Buffalo to see what actions are most aligned with the results you desire.

Take time to see what belongings you have that you no longer need and recycle those items. By doing this simple act you will be creating more room around you for the Universe to fill nicely again. However, this time with items that will serve your highest good! This new fill can look like supporting friends, new clients/customers, love, great health, etc. Remember, you get to choose what replaces the items that you remove out of your life. Whatever does replace it will be serving you no matter what. Meditate with the Buffalo to see how it is serving you.  If you would like to see change, ask what shifts need to be made to create what it is that you would like.

There is always a natural abundance to life and it is your responsibility to connect to that resource. The Buffalo provided and taught Native Americans the abundance within it’s herd and body! When you take the time to mediate with the Buffalo make sure to ask to see more abundance everyday with no attachments! As a side note, you will want to be clear of the kind of abundance you would like to receive as there is positive and negative abundance. Set your intentions for receiving positive abundance to surround you!

It is time to look inward and see how you are playing the victim in any situation. Then, change your story by noticing the incredible amount of resources you have available. By meditating with the Buffalo you will be able to see where you need to change your perspective on events that are occurring for you, in order to continue to evolve. It is a perception shift from seeing the cup half empty to half full! Once you see that it is half full you can look around yourself to see the abundance of what you can fill your cup with! The best part about this is that the choice is completely up to you on what you fill it with. This is where the Buffalo is one of the most exciting Animal Spirit Guides as it will always teach you to find more and more abundance within your life. 

Figure out the last time you tried something new and note that it is important for you to continuously be learning something new, such as a new hobby, recreational activity, or sport. The act of learning something new will help you to continue to grow your wisdom and knowledge which you can apply in other areas of your life. As you can see there is a huge theme within the Buffalo - abundance!

Buffalo/Bison Animal Spirit Guide Meaning