Butterfly Animal Spirit Guide Meaning

If the Butterfly appears, take this guidance:

It is a great time for you to lighten up and stop taking everything so seriously. The Butterfly wants you to find the balance between taking things serious but also having fun at the same time! Especially since we are in the Libra season, it is all about balance! The Butterfly wants you to journal the goals, tasks, projects, people, etc. that light you up and do NOT light you up! See how you can make changes with the situations that do not light you up, for example can you delegate a task to a team member within your business? When you work on the goals, projects, tasks, etc that light you up you will notice how there is more of a playful and fun energy that surrounds you. This helps you balance the seriousness of your business but understanding that it can be light and fun if you so choose. 

Get ready for a big change, one where an old belief system is leaving and a new belief system that will serve you on a higher level is coming in! It would serve your highest good and purpose to meditate with the Butterfly to go through this process together. As you know the Butterfly knows how to change naturally and understands that you have to let go of the old to bring in the new. The Butterfly is a master at change and can teach you if you take the time to create a bond with the Butterfly. You may even know which belief system you are wanting to remove which is perfect as you can begin the transformation as soon as you take action upon it! Ask yourself where you can be taking more aligned action within your life/business?

This is the sign you have been waiting for, you know the one about it being the right time to make the changes you have been considering.. well this is the sign! The Butterfly wants you to go on a journey of change, one where it leads you to being more aligned to your business and your most joyous life path! Are you ready to take this journey with the Butterfly? You can also call in the Caterpillar to help you prepare for the change and learn how the Caterpillar trusts the Universe and goes with the flow of things when it goes into its cocoon. This could also be a sign for you to look deeper at your relationship with the Universe, and see how much you trust the Universe to have your back while you are deciding to go through this change!

Sometimes we get stuck in our own stories that the challenges and adventures are too much for us to handle. The Butterfly is here to remind that growth is not always pleasant but the growth period is short compared to what you have gone through and what is on the other side of the growth period. When you notice the pain and icky energies within your life, they are signs that you are not aligned to your most joyous life path and that it is your decision to make the changes necessary for you to align to your most joyous life path. The Universe always wants you to win, so it is always going to give you what you can handle, but it is the time for you decide to have the better life not the so-so life. 

It is a great time for you to express yourself in bright coloring! Go even further by eating colorful food as well! You may even want to journal the impact of this experience is with the Butterfly. By doing this, you will create a greater bond with the Butterfly, which in return will help you through this time’s energies and have more success with the changes that you are choosing to make within your life and business.

Best times to ask for the Butterfly’s assistance:

🦋 When you are aware you must make changes in your life and you are needing help and a courage boost to break out of your current cocoon!

🦋 During any time you are going through an important shift, such as a divorce or career change.

🦋 When you need the confidence to express your love freely to whomever you want, without feeling attached to how others will see you.

🦋 If you are wanting to add more excitement and passion into the relationship with your intimate partner.  

🦋 When you have noticed you have blocked the flow of your life, affecting all aspects of it, and you want to align back to your divine life path and feel peaceful once again.

Butterfly Animal Spirit Guide Meaning