Canary Animal Spirit Guide Meaning

If the Canary appears, take this guidance:

The Canary wants you to welcome this new day without any resentment from the past. Now is the time to let that all go and have a new sense of hope and purpose. The Universe brings you what you focus on most! So if you are constantly focusing on the resentment in your life, it is easy to see how the Universe will bring more of that to you! Write down 3 celebrations you are grateful for happening today!

Right now, you are experiencing a new power of your voice and how to speak your truth to others around you. It would be in your best interest to speak and sing as much as you can. You will also want to see how you can use sound to heal yourself. Play with it as the receiver and healer. This will also bring a new power and presence within your soul’s purpose! See what the Universe is wanting you to speak about. You can meditate with the Canary to receive crystal clear messages.

You need more fresh air and sunlight in your life to continue to have lots of energy and great health. The Canary wants you to get outside and you never know you could be visited by a Canary! Also by breathing in fresh new air, it will help you bring a breath of fresh air within your soul’s purpose. If you have been resenting your soul’s purpose, stuck at a blockage, and/or need a new perspective on something, it would be beneficial for you to walk through Nature with your intention of solving it by the end of the trail!

Remember the spiritual and emotional atmosphere you put yourself in, will greatly influence your moods, well being, and goals you have set out for yourself. You may want to look around your current homeostasis and see what is bringing your joy and happiness and what is also bringing you sadness and yucky energies! Once you have this awareness you can start doing magic in your homeostasis.

The Canary wants you to know that what you say right now will have a great impact around you, depending on how you say it will be how it is received. Keep your awareness high around what things you are saying to yourself and others. Set your intention with the Canary that your voice will be received the way you would like, which could be with grace, harmony, understanding, inspiring, etc.

Canary Animal Spirit Guide Meaning