The Cassowary reminds you that it is more than okay to step away from society so you can restore your energies and it would serve you best to go into a forest. For many spiritual workers, it is very important for them to be by themselves to restore their energies and do some healing on their own. Though spiritual workers are usually so focused on helping others they forget that they need that time for themselves as well. This is why the Cassowary is showing up for you today to give you that reminder to gift yourself some alone time to restore your energies and see if there is any limited programming that you are ready to give up.

It is always good to keep energy moving through you, especially when it comes to donating your time, money, and energy towards an organization that you are passionate about or has provided for you in the past. The Cassowary wants you to figure out at least one organization that you stand behind that you would feel great to support and see what kind of monthly donation you can give. When you donate, it creates an interesting energy of movement towards you because the Universe knows that you are doing your share to care for some part of Mother Earth.

When you are spending time with the Cassowary, it is best to add fresh fruit into your diet, 2-3 times a day, for the next two weeks! It is truly up to you and the Cassowary to decide how long you should be adding fresh fruit to your diet. You want to keep yourself healthy and it could be longer or shorter than the time that is recommended. It would be best for you to meditate with the Cassowary to figure out what is best for you at this moment. Adding this fresh fruit to your diet could be the very thing you need to help change up your energies and frequencies to receive more divine downloads, clients, balance, flow, etc.

Now is the time to keep your dignity and self-respect high, no matter what comes knocking on your door. When you feel these falling short, you will want to meditate with the Cassowary to get them sky high again. You may even want to journal about this experience and see what comes up within yourself and others when you keep your dignity and self-respect high. Again, it would be perfect for you to meditate with the Cassowary to see how long you should be doing this for. It would serve you best to write down a set of boundaries that you will want to follow during this time that revolve around your dignity and self-respect being high.

When meditating with the Cassowary, it would best serve you to set the intention that what you put out will come back to you stronger and quicker than ever. This is the best thing to do when you are making an investment in yourself. It would serve you best to set your intention to something like, “I ask for my investment to return to me tenfold within the next 30 days. And so it is!” You can ask the Cassowary for the best intention for you is and how many times you should say it. Daily? Weekly? Once and then burn the piece of paper? It could be anything but the Cassowary will know what is best for you.