Meditate with the Chimpanzee to see new and fresh perspective to the situation you have at hand. The Chimpanzee will be able to help you do this as it walks on the ground like you but also climbs up trees and hangs from them which gives this Animal Spirit Guide a new perspective on things! It could be the very thing that you need to do to remove the blockage you are certainly facing and can choose to bring in more alignment with your soul’s purpose.

The Chimpanzee wants to remind you that you have everything it takes to accomplish your goals and work on the responsibilities you have. You would never have a divine download from the Universe without the Universe knowing you can handle it and accomplish it because the Universe is always willing to give you the tools, ideas, people, etc in your life when you choose to go after this divine download. If you are having issues trusting that this divine download is meant for you, meditate with the Chimpanzee to rid yourself of these illusions and worries.

For those of you that have had a recent conflict with someone, the Chimpanzee asks you to let go of any anger you are still holding onto and forgive this person and yourself. It will bring you more peace which is what you are actually craving. Also, when you release this anger and lean into forgiveness you are consciously or subconsciously making more space for love and more aligned energies to enter your life. Remember what you focus on is what the Universe will bring to you.

Now is a great time for you to look into your diet, and see where you need to change some of your eating habits so they reflect a healthy and natural lifestyle. You may want to even investigate your blood type, because if you have an “O” blood type your body will thrive best on nuts, berries, wild game meat, etc. Think of what a cavemen ate back in the day and give it a try and see how it impacts your energies. You could also want to keep a food journal to keep track of the foods you are eating and how your energies and moods are being affected by these foods.

Whatever is causing you unnecessary distress, the Chimpanzee wants you to forget about whatever you have no control over which will bring more happiness to you. Linking to a point mentioned earlier, what you focus on is what is brought to you by the Universe because of the time and energy you are putting into it. Start to become more aware of what you are thinking and saying to yourself and others, so you can begin to change these thoughts and words into what you actually want to be attracting towards yourself. The Chimpanzee will be a great helper for you!

Take some time with the Chimpanzee to look within yourself. See what belief systems are no longer serving your highest good, what your strengths and weaknesses are and how you use both, and what positive and negative characteristics you have, without judgment! Give yourself permission to look at all of this through love lenses. It will help you detach from going into a victim mentality and help you stay in your power and grow from this instead of wallowing in it! By doing this exercise, which may take a few days, will give you incredible insight which will help advance you with your soul’s purpose!