The Chipmunk shows up to let you know that you are well protected and there is no real danger around you. Many times when we are about to go on a new adventure in our lives, we can believe that the worst is going to happen because of something awful that happened once or a few times in our past. This is very human nature and the Chipmunk wants to help you to let that go. It is time for you to focus on what you actually want to be attracting in your life. For example, if you are wanting to attract clients but believe that you are going to attract more of that one, not so awesome, client you worked with.. you are going to be attracting that client archetype into your business because you are focusing on that. Focus on serving your ideal clients and know that you have set up better boundaries to prevent those not so awesome clients to you and your business.

During your time with the Chipmunk, if anything pops up and ignites your curiosity the Chipmunk wants you to investigate it. By doing this, you are increasing your awareness around cool and awesome opportunities. When you begin to increase your awareness around these things, you will naturally start to attract more and more cool and awesome opportunities into your life. This does link to the first point that what you pay attention to becomes your intention and whatever you intention is the Universe will provide that for you! When you are paying attention to cool and awesome opportunities the Universe will start to bring more of that into your life. And who doesn’t want more of that in their life?!

While the Chipmunk is with you, it would be best to go out for walks in nature. When do you this, give yourself permission to explore anything that catches your attention. You may find yourself touching plants and trees during your walk and go ahead and do it! Allow your curiosity to gravitate you to anything that peaks your interest. By doing this, you will be increasing your awareness around cool and awesome opportunities, even if it is just a great walk in nature. There are small things like this that will help you setting the aligned intentions that you want to be focusing on! 

If you have recently just completed a creative project, the Chipmunk wants you to keep to yourself for a few weeks before revealing it to the world. This is very natural for the Chipmunk to do as they are used to burrowing after an abundant summer time. The Chipmunk is wanting you to make sure you give yourself the time to see the abundance of your creative project and to give yourself the time you deserve to rest. During this rest, it would best serve you and your highest good and purpose to see what next seeds you should be planting that can grow upon this creative project that you have set out for yourself. Once you know what you are doing next, meditate with the Chipmunk to see when it is best for you to show your creative project and your next thing you are creating!

The Chipmunk wants you to listen to the different volumes, pitches, tones, and inflections with anyone that you have a conversation with. This will be able to reveal more than what the person is telling you. The Chipmunk wants to remind you that there are many ways you can understand a conversation that is past just the words that are used. If you would like to learn more about this spend more time meditating with the Chipmunk to learn how you can increase your awareness around this and learn how to read those different ways.