Condor Animal Spirit Guide Meaning

If the Condor appears, take this guidance:

The Condor shows up to reveal the gifts and lessons that may be hidden within a recent dire circumstance or loss you have gone through. The Condor wants to support you through this time and allow you to start focusing on the silver lining in every situation. There is no need to go down the rabbit hole to figure out what lesson is in everything that happens to you. Those situations that stand out the most, you can meditate with the Condor to see the gifts and lessons in that situation. The Universe is always doing its best to support and provide you the lessons you agreed to learn in this lifetime. Understand this is apart of your path and see how you can use the silver lining to help you in your life.

Give yourself 15 minutes a day to clean up any clutter that is in your everyday life. Such as your room, kitchen, living room, car, basement, workplace, etc. It is so important to clean up any clutter you see, as you will be creating space for new energies to step in and replace the old. You can meditate with the Condor to set the intention of what new energies you want to bring into your place. Remember to be crystal clear with your intentions so the Universe can bring you the opportunities you are asking to take action on. Which then allows you to achieve your desired results. Also, whatever physical items that are no longer serving you need to be removed from your space by either donating or recycling them.

Now is the time to look at whatever problem(s) you have been ignoring in the eye. Ask for the Condor to help you see a new and creative solution to this problem(s). The Condor will show you it's broad view of your problem(s) as it one of the highest flying birds in the world. So it truly sees a lot and will help you see different ways for you to take action with your problem(s). You can also ask to see what actions you need to take to align to your most joyous life path and then take the necessary actions to achieve that result, only if you so choose.

During this time with the Condor, your diet may change. Keep a journal of how certain foods make you feel. Ask your intuition if a certain food is what it needs to replenish its energies and make it feel good! The Condor wants you to build this relationship with your body and begin to intuitively eat instead of eating what your body does not actually need. Your health is your ultimate wealth and it is best to start with healing yourself aka your body, mind, and spirit. The energy from the food you intake has more of an impact on your body, mind, and spirit then you may realize and the Condor wants you to start to see this.

Condor Animal Spirit Guide Meaning