Cormorant Animal Spirit Guide Meaning

If the Cormorant appears, take this guidance:

The Cormorant wants you to leap into the Universe with no hesitations or looking back, once you have clarity on your goals! So take some time to meditate with the Cormorant to get crystal clear on your goals and once you have those, take that leap! Whatever that leap is, know that the Universe and the Cormorant has your back and you will be soaring sky high when you take this leap. The Universe loves bold moves and will reward you for doing so. 

There are times when you are so wrapped up in achieving your goals, you forget to stop and smell the roses. The Cormorant reminds you to allow yourself some time to soak in the sunshine and breathe in the fresh air! Your journey through life is meant to be enjoyable and the only person that can make it enjoyable is you. It would best serve you and your highest good and purpose to start to notice the small things that light you up so you can begin to bring more of that into your life! When you are achieving your goals, you can set up mini celebrations for certain milestones with the Cormorant which will help you stop and smell the roses. 

Now is the time to remind yourself that the present you, was your future self at once upon a time! Give yourself some time to step back and appreciate how far you have come! You may want to do a year in review and see all that you have accomplished in the past 12 months. If you keep a journals, you may even want to go back to some of your older journals and see what you were doing so you can see how far you have come. No need to judge or shame yourself if you have not gotten as far as you hoped a year ago, just know that there is a better and more aligned way for you to reach your goals. To find out you can meditate with the Cormorant to align to that path. Don’t cut yourself short, this is a time of celebration.

Meditate with the Cormorant, and ask if there is anyone holding you back. This could even be yourself! For you to move forward, it is best for you to release any limiting beliefs that you are a victim in situations and you may need to confront this person if you are guided to by the Cormorant. We are very cute as humans and tend to put our dreams and goals aside for others. Those people could be your family, kids, friends, partners, etc. When you have the right circle around you they will always want you to be achieving and crushing your dreams and goals. Also, if you have kids, you are their role model and it is best for them to see you doing this as well and still making time for them! You got this!⠀⠀⠀⠀

See where you are giving away your power to others, as it is not serving your highest good and purpose because it is physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually draining. Do daily mantras to bring back your power. The Cormorant may even bring you back to situations that happened in your past where you lost some of your power. It will be important for you to heal those wounds as that is the key to reclaiming your power back. You may even want to check in with your solar plexus and sacral to make sure those chakras are healthy.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

The Universe is full of infinite possibilities and opportunities, so remove any limits that you put on yourself when it comes to thinking and believing something is not possible! To help remove this limiting belief system you may want to look back on your life and find any situations where something went better than you could have ever hoped for or imagined. This is your proof that the Universe is full of infinite possibilities and opportunities and it is up to you to allow these in.

Cormorant Animal Spirit Guide Meaning