Cougar Animal Spirit Guide Meaning

If the Cougar appears, take this guidance:

When the Cougar shows up for you, it means now is the time for you to become the leader in your family, friends, community, and the world as a whole! It would serve you and your highest good and purpose for you to learn more about how to be a leader of your own life first, then begin to spend that amazingness that is you being a leader to the rest of the world. The best gift you can give to anyone is to invest in yourself by healing your wounds and learning how to be the best version of yourself. You can meditate with the Cougar and see what your best aligned steps are to achieve you healing your wounds and becoming the leader in your life.
While the Cougar is with you it is a time to be decisive and not indecisive. Start to bring awareness around the times when you have to make a decision. When a decision needs to be made, ask for the Cougar to be with you and help you make a decision. Remember there is no such thing as a wrong decision and that one decision is better than none. If you have problems with being indecisive, a question you can ask yourself is, if there was no such thing as a wrong decision, which decision would I make today?
Whatever important task, goal, or project that you have been working towards, the Cougar reminds you to stop procrastinating with respect and just get to it. How we do one thing is how we do everything, so see what fears, excuses, and/or distractions that you are using as a way of procrastinating on that task, goal, or project. Start taking action towards that task, goal, or project and also take some time to meditate with the Cougar to resolve any fears, excuses, and distractions. Through word of advice, do not use meditating with the Cougar as a distraction to procrastinate with your task, goal, or project! Make sure there is a purpose and that you have taken action towards your task, goal, or project before meditating. Now is the time for you to keep your eyes on your goal and keep making moves towards it with faith and courage. It would best serve you and your highest good and purpose to make your goal your utmost priority and work on it at the beginning of each day. This will help you move yourself towards the completion of this goal.
When others are asking you to change for the better or worse and you are not ready, you can ask for the Cougar’s energy to be present with you so you can stay strong, clear, and assertive with them. This is a way for you to stand in your power and learn what it is like when you do stand in your power. When situations like this arise, meditate with the Cougar and ask if it serves your highest good to change for the better. More often than not, the Cougar will tell you to trust the Universe and align to your most joyous path. Also, you can even ask the Cougar if there is a better opportunity for you to change and align to that instead. Not every opportunity to change for the better is the best for you and there may be a better way for you to do it that allows you to stand in your power and align to your most joyous life path with ease.
Cougar Animal Spirit Guide Meaning