Cuckoo Animal Spirit Guide Meaning

If the Cuckoo appears, take this guidance:

Now is the best time to listen closely to what people are saying to you and what they are NOT saying to you. This is a very good thing to do when you are wanting to receive more divine downloads. You have to trust in your abilities to be aware of what people are saying and NOT saying to you. You can ask for the Cuckoo to be with you to help you increase this awareness in your field. This will help you in all aspects of your life. For example, with your business when people are telling you what they want out of their life you can start to listen for what they are not telling you, which could be the fact they are not making the actions towards what they are saying they want. You can even meditate with the Cuckoo to see what your business is trying to tell you! You may be very surprised and it could be exactly what you need. 

Furthermore, be aware of what you are saying to those around you and who you are talking too. Do your best to catch yourself when you are gossiping about others or others are gossiping to you. Time is the only resource that you can not replace in this realm. Start to make your time a priority in your life, which means that you will eliminate any time wasted on gossiping about what you would like to do within your life and business, what goals you aspire to accomplish, etc. Now it is in your best interest to start making great use of your time and make sure when you are communicating with others it is benefitting you in some way. Either it is about an idea you have in mind, a goal you want to set into action, you may need guidance around a certain area in your life, etc. Then the Cuckoo wants you to take action on it. 

Start to look for all of the infinite opportunities and possibilities that are surrounding you! As some will be in more alignment with your soul’s purpose and your higher self than what opportunities you are currently taking on. This is another way the Universe is wanting to strengthen your communication skills. Just like listening to what people are and aren’t saying and talking to others about things that actually matter in your life, the Universe also wants you to strengthen your communication with it! The Universe always has multiple possibilities and opportunities for you and it is up to you to see and hear them. Start looking for all the ships the Universe is sending you everyday and see the possibilities of all the ships you can send out everyday that will help you with your soul’s purpose and business.

It is time to let go of the belief system that you have to suffer to grow and mature on your spiritual path. It is true that your growth journey is not always going to be rainbows and butterflies, but it is true that you make it as difficult as you choose. The Universe will always give you what you are consciously and subconsciously focusing on. So if you believe everything has to be hard and painful than you need to take some time and heal those limiting beliefs. This is a huge collective conscious limiting belief system and we all hold this within us to one degree or another. Start focusing on your desired results. Sometimes people have issues with this because they believe they are losing a part of them. To conquer this you will want to start saying things like I am transforming x into y with ease and grace. 

Remind yourself to check in and see where you are working with and against your divine timing! Adjust accordingly and trust the process. This links in with checking in to make sure you are still aligning with your divine life path. There are times where you will wander off your divine life path and since the Universe always wants to serve you, it will still provide you with the lessons that you need, which is great but is there a quicker and more aligned path for you? You have chosen that you need these life lessons in a certain way. You are the creator of your life and if you are not liking what you are creating, start to work with the Universe to create what you actually want! You can work with the Cuckoo to help you through this! You may need to hire a coach in the field that you are wanting to have better alignment in to help your process to be quicker and less painful.

Cuckoo Animal Spirit Guide Meaning