The Dingo is here to remind you that is good to not take life so seriously all the time. Now is the time to learn to lighten up and laugh at your mistakes. You can start to look at your mistakes as see them as lessons instead if that helps you move through your life easier. There truly is no mistakes and errors, so instead of beating yourself up or someone else up, see what lesson was presented to you. The Dingo wants you to start to look at life through these lenses and see how much it can change your life for the highest good! 

Make some time in your schedule to spend some time in Nature and while you are out, listen to what you can hear and what you do not hear. By doing this exercise, it will help you be able to hear more with your intuition. So, if you are wanting to build a better relationship with you intuition going out in Nature and being quite will help you! 

Remember to stay focused and steady at whatever goal you are wanting to accomplish until it is complete. Most often then not, things do not go according to plan with our goals and this is a test to see if you are still going to follow through with your goal or not! So when these challenges appear, ask for the Dingo’s help! The Dingo will assist you in staying flexible so if you need to change your plans you can do so easily. Be flexible to this change and continue to ask for the Universe to surprise and delight you with your goals!