• Any Animal Medicine Woman™ Offerings are for informational purposes only, Animal Medicine Woman is not a licensed lawyer, physician, therapist or clergy member, she makes no claims, promises or guarantees.
    • Animal Medicine Woman is self taught with her Animal Medicine Wisdom, also she became an Advanced Akashic Records Consultant and Teacher at Jennifer Longmore’s Soul Journey Academy.
    • Participating in an any of the packages offered by Animal Medicine Woman, you agree to take full responsibility for yourself.
    • However you choose to use or not to use any of the information that may come forward during any of your conversations with Animal Medicine Woman is completely up to you and you only.
    • All offerings with Animal Medicine Woman are confidential.
    • All offerings are non-refundable.
    • All offerings are booked via an automated system that allows you to cancel or reschedule your appointment.
    • Sessions cancelled 24 hours prior the appointment are non-refundable. At the scheduled time if Animal Medicine Woman is unable to connect with you within 10 minutes after your scheduled time your appointment will be considered cancelled without refund.
    • During any session, for you to get the most out of your time with Animal Medicine Woman™, it is best:
      • to be sober for 24 hours prior to the session
      • set clear intentions of what you would like to resolve or shift within the session
      • have lots of water and tissue with you
      • make sure you are making a space for yourself that you will not be disturbed during your session

STATEMENT OF UNDERSTANDING FOR Animal Medicine Woman™ Offerings

By purchasing your offering, you agree the following:

I understand that the offering is solely for my personal growth, education and recreation, and is not a therapeutic activity, such as medical treatment, psychotherapy or counselling, and is not intended as such, nor is to be used solely for financial and other life-changing decisions.