The Dog shows up to remind you to keep strong faith in yourself and your business, no matter what is going on in your life! Our business can be left on the back burner when our lives seem like they are turning upside down. The Dog wants you to keep consistent and committed to your business even during these times. This is a perfect time for the Dog to show up as well, as usually by this time of the year, everyone starts to forget about their New Year’s Goals!

This week, see where it would be appropriate for you to donate your time to something that warms your heart. The Dog asks for people to do these things purely in the spirit of service! Ask for where is most aligned for you to volunteer.

Linking to the first point the Dog asks for you to remain determined and persistent even if you have recently, still, or are facing some negative thoughts and energies around yourself. Meditate with the Dog to see how he would deal with this situation. The Dog will be able to help you to see how you can make the best out of the situation(s) and be able to bring joy and fun back into your life.

Now is a great time for you to show your love and appreciation to those in your life that mean the most! Just like a Dog would do in real life! You do not need to lick someone’s face, but if that floats your boat who am I to judge?! 😉 You will want to see where you can love and appreciate your business this week as well!

While the Dog is with you, it is best to practice being loyal to the people, activities, hobbies, jobs, careers, etc. that you love and care about deeply. You can look into where you have not been loyal in these areas to see where you need to beef up the loyalty!