Now is the best time to search for an organization that is serving what is compatible with your philosophy and beliefs, so you can volunteer and give your time and physical energy to it. There are many different levels to your soul’s purpose and one of them is to be contribution to this world. Each of us has a different contribution which our souls want us to act on. If you are not sure which contribution you would be devoting time, energy, and money to meditate with the Donkey and talk about your passions. Your passions will unlock which organizations you should be contributing too!

While the Donkey is with you, remind yourself to trust, listen, and respect your intuition, especially when it comes to something that has risks involved. The Donkey wants you to know that everything is always going to be okay, even during the ups and downs of your life. You are still here meaning you can handle anything the Universe brings to you. Trust your intution and the Universe, so that you can align to your most joyous life path with love, grace, and ease. This is also where you need to see how you handle with risks, do you lean into them knowing you are always going to be okay or do you lean away from them in fear that your world is going to fall apart? If you are wanting to transform this from leaning away to leaning towards risks you will want to dedicate some time meditating with the Donkey to resolve this for yourself.

The Donkey wants you to keep moving ahead, even if you are moving slower than usual. Take your time and move with caution. Only stop briefly when you need to recalculate what your best steps are towards your destination/goal. The best way for you to know how fast you should be going and if you feel the need to recalculate things is to meditate with the Donkey right now. Just be aware that you are not stopping all of the time to recalculate things. This is a habit that many people get themselves into because they believe it is a way to keep them safe when in fact it is doing more damage then good. If you have a habit of doing this you will want to be decisive and stick with your decision. Start with a smaller decision so you can get used to knowing that you can complete things without having to always recalculate.

The more you honour your inner truth, you will find yourself being rewarded for it! From receiving recognition and acknowledgment from those that do and do not surround you! This links to the point above. When you actually follow through with your inner truth you will feel more accomplished and gain more self confidence that you can make decisions for yourself and not have to lean on others to make decisions for you. The Donkey is a very stubborn animal and tends to do what it wants to do, instead of what others tell it. So this is one of the best Animal Spirit Guides to learn how to make your own decisions and life path!