Dragonfly Animal Spirit Guide Meaning

If the Dragonfly appears, take this guidance:

Right now is the best time to take a step back and ask for the Dragonfly to help reveal any illusions around a situation or relationship that you are questioning. Remember when we are asking questions about something that is an answer itself. When you meditate with the Dragonfly ask for this spirit guide to bring your consciousness higher so you can “see” more than what is just in front of you. Focus on seeing the bigger picture and seeing things for what they are. If you have illusions around a subject you can then remove them with ease and figure out if you would like to continue on with that situation or relationship. If you are still struggling to see the illusions, it would best serve you to seek out a coach to help you move past this.

You may not realize it, but you could be looking at things and trying to figure out a solution with only your left side of the brain. The Dragonfly is here to remind you to look at all situations with both sides of the brain as they will have different solutions and thought patterns. If you are feeling stuck right now, meditate with the Dragonfly to really amp up your right side of the brain. Then, while you are in meditation you can ask to see a different solution for the current situation you are in. Give yourself permission to see both sides without any restrictions or resistance, so you can make the best possible moves afterwards. This does link to the first point as there could be illusions you do not want to see right now. Just know that it serves your highest good and purpose to see these illusions so you can bring in the truth and begin to align to your most joyous life path.

Magic and mystery will be reawakening in your life, so be open to receiving it. During the time the Dragonfly is with you, you can control how much magic and mystery enters your life by setting the proper boundaries. This is a time for you to bring forth your dreams that you have set aside and see how the Dragonfly can help bring them to life for you! Ask the Dragonfly what action is needed of you to create the reality that you want! You may also want to ask, “How is the current reality serving me from moving onto the reality that I want?”

The Dragonfly shows up to remind us to recharge our psychic energy and the best way to do that is through meditating! While meditating you can also ask the Dragonfly what other ways will be best for you to recharge your psychic energy! Answers could look like certain essential oils, crystals, gemstones, baths, or other self love rituals. Though if nothing else comes through respect that and just meditate and spend time with the Dragonfly! 

You may or may have not noticed that you are going through a major transition in your life currently or very soon. Be open to all the lessons and gifts the Dragonfly and the Universe has to offer you during this time. This is a great time to strengthen boundaries that you know need that extra help! As always, when you go through change, it is important for you to have a support team with you and that could look like friends, family, and a mentor. Be gentle with yourself and be your best friend because that will make this transition easier on yourself and the rest of the Universe.

Dragonfly Animal Spirit Guide Meaning