The Echidna wants you to be cautious when you are entering any unfamiliar or uncomfortable situations. When you are growing your spiritual business, there is a difference between stepping out of your comfort zone to grow and just being plain uncomfortable with the energies around you. When you are in these situations and do not know which side you are on, you can ask for the Echidna to appear. It will give you the answer from the divine so you can act accordingly.

While the Echidna is with you, you may notice an increased ability to communicate and understand the nonvisible worlds. Pay close attention to any divine downloads you receive as they are coming from your spirit guides and ancestors with your best interest at heart! Make sure to write down these divine downloads as they may not make sense now for your business, but later on it just clicks.

Now is a time to recalculate boundaries with those around you. The Echidna will teach you how to bring people close to you without it interfering with your personal life and at the same time not pushing people away from you which would affect your business. Take some time every day while the Echidna is with you to see where you need to strengthen people boundaries in your business, where you need to let people in, where you need to not let people in, if there are any old boundaries that need to be replaced, etc.

Now is a great time for you to learn more about the topic that has been across your mind recently. The Echidna will help you dig and learn more about it, so it can further assist you in your personal and business life!