Elk Animal Spirit Guide Meaning

If the Elk appears, take this guidance:

During this time with the Elk, it would be beneficial for you to either hang out with your same gender or find new friends (of the same gender) to hang out with. It is important to be able to receive and give support to your friends, as it helps to recharge your batteries and theirs. So give yourself permission to step away from your purpose and business for a night and go have fun with your friends! Life is not meant to be taken so seriously, it is meant to be fun and the Elk wants to make sure you are adding that key ingredient in your life.

The Elk brings the energy of abundance to you. Be open to receiving what the Universe is wanting to bring to you! Remember that abundance is not just about money, it also about the amount of love you have in your life, the food in your home, the roof over your head, the family and friends you have, and the list can go on and on! Just know that you will have everything and anything you need! And so it is! You can set this into your morning intentions. When you see all the abundance around you, it will bring more abundance in your life, because how we do one thing is how we do everything. 

When the Elk is with you, it is best to stick to a vegetarian diet to deepen the connection with the Elk’s Medicine. If you do choose to go on a vegetarian diet for the week or so, journal the differences you find in your mood, energy, and if you find that you are less hungry or more! You never know, you may become a vegetarian because of the Elk! Talking more about foods, the Elk urges you to pace yourself and eat energy foods for the next little while to help you sustain your stamina. If you are needing help to know what energy foods work best for you, try meditating with the Elk and asking!

Your inner child will emerge while the Elk is with you. Do your best to nurture and protect yourself and your inner child. You may want to go into your own Akashic Records and see what the best way to heal your inner child is or have someone else do that for you. If you know a certain activity, such as hanging in a hammock or taking a bath, makes you feel safe and supported than do that while the Elk is with you.

Elk Animal Spirit Guide Meaning