Flamingo Animal Spirit Guide Meaning

If the Flamingo appears, take this guidance:

While the Flamingo is with you, do your best to avoid any loud events and chaotic situations. The people, events, and situations that you willingly put yourself in will have an impact on your frequencies. When you began to surround yourself with events that are not in alignment with you, you will find yourself feeling unaligned to your soul's purpose. Honour yourself this week and see what you need to let go of to make more room for something that brings you joy!

This is a time for you to look within yourself to make sure you are still following the inner path that is inside of you. Be completely honest with yourself as there is no wrong answer. This is linked to the first point. This can be difficult to do by yourself and you may want to reach out to an aligned-soul coach to help you past any blockages that are keeping you from being in alignment.  

The Flamingo urges people to eat more beta-carotene vegetables in their diets, such as carrots, broccoli, and spinach. Give yourself this week to stick to a diet that mainly consists of these! It is truly insane how much food impacts your energy fields! If you have been feeling you need evolve your soul's purpose but are unsure how, you can try changing your diet! You may be surprised!

For those of you that have a question that has not yet been answered, do not rush through this process. Take your time by learning the answer through books and your intuition. This will help you figure out your answer with careful logic and wisdom. This could be the very thing that is meant to help you evolve your soul's purpose! How exciting is that?!

You may not have realized it, but you have been isolating yourself for too long now and need to seek others to fill your social cup. It is important for you to keep all your cups full, as you will not be a service to anyone with empty cups!

Flamingo Animal Spirit Guide Meaning