The Frog’s Medicine wants you to cleanse your body by doing a detox. You can meditate with the Frog and see what best serves you and your highest good! It is important for us to take care of our physical being as it is the vessel we have chosen to perform our divine contracts we have decided. You can go further with this by adopting a healthier eating lifestyle and start to exercise. No better timing then the beginning of the year to do so!

As well as cleansing your body, the Frog is here to support you in having an emotional cleanse. During this time, it is best to let go of anything that you still hold onto that no longer serves you. It could be something embarrassing that happened to you when you were in school or someone who hurt you and is doing much better than you, at least that is what you believe. As you can see, emotions can be very toxic for us if we do not let go of them and they can weigh us down tremendously. You may need to be honest with yourself and have a huge crying session where you just release all those emotions that you are still holding onto. Make sure to set the intention for this emotional cleanse that you are releasing them and blessing and forgiving yourself for holding onto them for so long. After that, you want to ask for the universal truth to replace all the yucky emotions.

Frogs are known for their croaking and you should exercise your vocal cords by singing or chanting. By doing this it will open your throat chakra which will strengthen your ability to speak your truth, feeling more balanced, at peace and connected to the universe. Do this as often as you can, in your car, when you are doing mundane tasks and chores throughout the day and/or in the shower. You may want to look into being on a podcast or radio station, going LIVE on your social media accounts, creating your own podcast, doing a media tour and much more!

The Frog is helping you shift into a time of abundance and plenty. Make sure to be open to receiving this. Also, it would be in your best interest to set an intention of what kind of abundance you are looking for. For example, if you ask for abundance to come your way it could be an abundance of enemies or ailments. So be crystal clear with the Universe of what kind of abundance you are truly wanting to receive, how much you want and make a due date. Going deeper, if you do not receive what you were asking for you, you need to have a heart to heart with yourself and be honest and see if you were actually wanting that. Sometimes when we are scared about receiving something because we believe it will mean something about us or change us, we are actually vibrationally telling the Universe we do not want this. So be completely true to yourself when you are asking to receive something from the Universe. This is huge for you to do by yourself and I recommend you find a coach to help you through this process because then you will be able to move forward quickly and easily.

The Frog has shown up for you to be your support because the Frog knows you are about to go through a steady and slow transition in your life where you are closing a chapter to start a new and better one if you ask for that. Meditate with the Frog daily so you can always know what you are needing to know for that day so you can go through your transition with love, grace, and ease. You may also want to set that intention for this time period in your life. If you are looking for additional support it would be best for you to hire a mentor to help and aid you during this time and lead you to your divine life path swiftly and peacefully.