Gila Monster Animal Spirit Guide Meaning

If the Gila Monster appears, take this guidance:

When you are in doubt, the Gila Monster wants you to be patient and wait. There are times when you should be taking action and there are times when you should be sitting and observing your surroundings. The second option is the one the Gila Monster wants you to choose. It would serve you, your highest good, and your soul’s purpose the best if you take the time to meditate with the Gila Monster to see what it is you need to be seeing, before you can make a move and take action. Remember just because you are taking this time to be still does not mean you need to slow down your momentum with your soul’s purpose. Teach yourself that you can keep moving forward while observing your surroundings. You may need to slow down a bit, but there is no need to stop! This could be the very lesson the Gila Monster is wanting to teach you!

Remind yourself that your teacups need to be filled before you start filling other people’s teacups! You can not pour out of an empty teacup. Look at all your teacups, soul purpose, business/career, wealth, health, social relationships, love relationships, professional relationships, self relationship, spiritual, etc. It would be best to meditate with the Gila Monster and rate each of these teacups a 1-10, ten being the highest. Of course, if you can think of other teacups that very important to you add them to the list to rate. Once you have your teacups full again, start to focus on helping others learn how to fill their teacups!

Now is not a good time for you to start any new projects, goals, and tasks that will help your soul’s purpose and/or business/career to expand. Meditate with the Gila Monster to see when the best time for you to do this is. This links to the first point which talks how right now is the best time for you to observe your surroundings instead of taking action. Each of us has these moments in our lives where we need to focus and make more time for ourselves and this is one of those times for you! There is no need to judge, shame, and blame yourself for needing this time. The Gila Monster is showing up to tell you to give yourself permission to do this with only love and understanding.

Start to listen and learn what your natural rhythms are, so you can always be putting your best foot forward in all areas of your life, especially physical. This is linking to all wisdom the Gila Monster has to offer. It is always in your best interest to work with your natural rhythms and understand when your most creative times are so you can use this time to work on your soul’s purpose/business! These natural rhythms can change when seasons change, or when there is an additional or removal of your tribe, etc. The more in-tune you are with this the better as you will be able to work, align, and evolve your soul’s purpose quicker and easier.

The Gila Monster wants you to succeed in whatever venture you are about to take, so be sure that you are fully prepared before moving forward. To truly know if you are ready to move forward on this venture meditate with the Gila Monster and make sure your sitting and observing your surroundings time is over. It would best serve you to use your sitting and observing time to prepare for this next venture! You can still prepare while observing. There are just certain actions that will stop you from sitting and observing. It is best to know the difference between the two.

Mediate with the Gila Monster and see if now is a great time for you to be doing a cleansing fast that will last for a couple of days. You may even want to ask if it should just be a water fast. There could be some energies that are stuck in your body that need to be physically removed which can only be done through a cleanse. Of course, by blending this and observing your surroundings you will be able to remove anything that is no longer serving your highest good and soul’s purpose. This is another way you can be preparing while observing and then take action once you have rid yourself of any energies that are no longer serving you the best.

Gila Monster Animal Spirit Guide Meaning