The Gorilla wants you to focus on your communication skills. This means do your very best to be clear and concise when you are talking to people. Also, when someone is talking to you make sure you are listening carefully so you can create a meaningful reply that is easy and powerful at the same time. This is very important if you are wanting to a certain outcome to occur. Before you communicate with anyone about something crucial, sit down with yourself and write down what it is you want. Once that is complete, you want to keep that note with you so when you have that conversation with them, you do not lose focus! Make sure you are crystal clear about what it is you want so the person receiving the information can say yes to you very easily.

While the Gorilla is with you, make a conscious effort to be respectful to yourself and others that you come into contact with. When you give yourself respect it increases your personal frequency and it energetically tells others you respect yourself. You will want to start setting boundaries around this matter, so only those that respect you will come into your space. Just know the more you respect yourself the stronger that boundary will become. There will come a time when you can not handle a certain level of disrespect anymore and it will not enter your energies. To secure this boundary, you will want to state your intention out loud throughout the day and continue to say it daily until you feel it is a solid boundary.

Keep your awareness high, as a teacher is about to enter your life. This teacher will be wise, knowledgeable, humble, and honest. You can meditate with the Gorilla to see where and when this teacher is going to be showing up! Just remind yourself to release any attachment to how this teacher is supposed to look like, show up, sound like, etc. It is in your best interest to allow this teacher into your life with love, grace, and ease so you can start the next chapter of your life. When you start to work alongside a teacher you will begin to see the benefits of having someone to support you and be in your corner!

During this time, your clairaudience will be heightened when you work with the Gorilla. You may want to meditate with the Gorilla as much as you can to increase this ability, so when the Gorilla leaves you have a sturdy foundation with this talent. Also, make sure you are listening closely for any messages and divine downloads that are coming through hearing! You can even ask for these divine downloads to come through as a different voice in your head so you know it is the Universe speaking to you and not just your own mind. This point links to the first one, and the more you listen to people in your life, it will help you increase your clairaudience abilities.

To honour and create a great bond with the Gorilla, you will want to research how you can help your environment around you. This may look like being more active in recycling, learning different ways you can recycle, cleaning up a local park, planning a local clean-up event, etc. See how you can donate your time, energy, and money to help clean up the environment. It would best serve you to look within your community! If you feel you need to do more for your environment, see what other activities you can partake to better Mother Earth. You can even start to look into buying products like metal straws instead of plastic straws, to go cups instead of cardboard cups, tote bags instead of plastic bags, biodegradable products, etc.